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Fall Collaboration Pack

Fall Collaboration Pack
Ordered from Jo And Polstittches designs.

This cost $50 Australian including postage and it is sooo worth it. Three pieces of hand dyed fabric, three different assorted handdyed threads and lots and lots of patterns. Probably best to pull this pic up big and look for yourself – otherwise I’ll post a more detailed description tonight.


  1. Lovely fall colors of the Carries Threads!! Do you have projects in mind for the wonderful fibers and fabrics?

  2. I’ve gotten one of these collaboration packs before and it was wonderful. Yours looks even better!!

  3. Lovely stash!!

  4. I have this pack too and I love it to bits. Lots of ‘my’ colours!

  5. WOW!!! As always, Carrie’s are just gorgeous! Of course, the DD and Ozarks aren’t too shabby, either! Those two designs on the left, under the fabric, look really interesting. Great stuff in this!

  6. THis is great

  7. Ooooh lovely. The charts look interesting

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