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Silkweaver Holiday Sale Fabrics

Silkweaver Holiday Fabrics

Silkweaver Fabrics
And all the holidays that were packaged up with them! wow I hadn’t seen these lollies before!

OK I’m sure I’m out of order but:

Meadow Mist 32ct Lugana 18×26
Blue Dynasty 32ct Lugana 18×26
Green Apple 28ct Opalescent Cashel Linen 18×26
Sparkling Sundown 28ct Opalescent Cashel Linen 18×26
Silver Mist 28ct Lugana 13×18
Tangerine 28ct Lugana 13×18


  1. What interesting colors! Love the Tangerine and the Sparkling Sundown for no other reason than they are different! Nice stashing!

  2. Gorgeous colors! I like the looks of the Sparkling Sundown best, I think, although the Meadow Mist is really cool and the Tangerine is just so out there and the the the the… Can you tell I just love them all?

  3. Lots of different colours, lovely!!

  4. Great colors – love both the Mists. There are a couple there, Tangerine & Green Apple, that I haven’t seen before – I’ll ahve to check those out today… Great selection!

  5. Very nice I love the Green Apple

  6. How come I missed this sale this year? Lovely floss tho. Now I’m lime with envy and am going off to pooch.

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