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Hand dyed fabrics in my stash


  1. Excellent choices Mel. I love that Crystal Phoenix…who am I kidding? I love them all! LOL

  2. Me too – Crystal Phoenix is a gorgeous colour. What will you use it for?

  3. Crystal Phoenix is gawjus! Remind me, what are all three fabrics for??

  4. Crystal Phoenix is for Cirque des Cercles by InkCircles
    Meditation is for Welcome to my Castle by X’s & Oh’s
    Crystal Monet is for Kaleidoscope by Keslynn (not Tracy’s version)

  5. Cirque will be utterly gorgeous on the Crystal Phoenix!! Like wow.!

  6. Cirque will be just as gorgeous on Crystal Monet too !!!!

  7. Ah, I don’t do sparklies any more. They make me itch…..sounds silly but they do.

  8. They are just gorgeous, aren’t they?

    And I’m really sorry about the sparklies, Claire. Who knew?

  9. That’s my problem with Taj Mahal. The lovely opalescent from Sugar Maple Fabrics. I mean fine, so I use q-snaps but , the excess still gets onto my arms and I start to itch and then get blotchy and itch some more….pretty pathetic.

  10. Stitch wearing gloves? It sooo beautiful!

  11. They’d have to be right up to my elbows, so not practical. I’d rather just not use an opalescent.

  12. Hi Mel,

    LOL! There is no way I would EVER pitch fabric. I would just find someone who wanted any green fabric that showed up. Like that would be difficult with this group . . . NOT! They are beautiful though! Really love the blue/white swirled one – your right it would be perfect for The Castle.

    Enjoy your new stash! Glad you had such a wonderful conversation with Claire! She is the bestest!


  13. Definitely Chele! I would never pitch fabric either – or burn it or run over it with the car – there’s always *someone* who would want it and can use it !!!!

    BTW my FOTM is all opalescents – so they all have metallic flecks through them …

  14. I just love the opalescents!! I just think the sparkle adds so much to the right pattern!! I used to get Silkweavers FOTM club but stopped them because I started doing such big projects that the small fabric didn’t work for anything. Maybe someday I will sign up for the bigger FOTM’s.


  15. I get one piece of 18×13 and one piece of 18×26 inches each month. These are so far *usually* big enough for most of my projects ….. Gigi’s M Sampler and Diane Jourdan’s Thriller Sampler and Tracy’s Garden Stars and … not withstanding ……

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