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My Mark Designs - Daydream


Stitched: 30 Apr – 03 May 2008.

From My Mark Designs
using recommended floss and fabric.

Another “Stitched on the Train Production” I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while and it does sum up my attitude to work and life right now.


  1. Lovely Mel & I can relate the sentiments to both as well.

  2. That’s sweet. love the font:)

  3. That’s a very cute design! Lovely finish!

  4. I really like this Mel. It is so wonderful and would look great in my room.

  5. That is pretty. Sweet and serene, lovely in it’s simplicity. You did a great job Mel!

  6. I love this, Mel! Now I’ll have to add this to my Lust List!!

  7. Turned out well after the frogs left 🙂 Bravo for finishing!

  8. Very cute finish Mel!!

  9. Simple but elegant! Nice job even if the frogs came a visiting!!

  10. Cute finish Mel! I love all of the bubbles in this design. I’m glad you were finally able to chase away all of those blasted frogs.

  11. Another nice finish, Mel! I can safely say that this one does *not* belong in my office – I’d probably take it as permission and my productivity would hit zero! 🙂

  12. Very nice! Congrats on the adorable finish.

  13. Lovely!

  14. Love this piece. Monique has such great designs.

  15. Its lovely..

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