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I’m stitching some Christmas gifts this year. As some of the recipients read this blog, all conversation regarding these presents will be via circles on Google Plus. A different circle per project.

Comment here if you want a Google Plus invite or contact me  if you want to be in the relevant circles. Planning, conniving, secret sharing and fabric selection starts next weekend.


    • kay jones
    • Posted 30 August 2011 at 03:50
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    You MUST be feeling better.

    • Just lucid enough often enough to be dangerous – I think …
      At least so far I’m only dangerous to myself …

  1. Glad you are figuring out how to fool your brain and that your brain is letting you get a little stitching into your life again. Still have a huge time problem with my stitching, not to mention my poor email!! I need two more days to the week now!! LOL!


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