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Yes I’ve been stitching.  For four nights running. I’ve turned down Warcraft and other social activities to stitch.  I think after all of these months I’ve finally got my stitching bug back!

I’ve been stitching Catgirl & Catboy by Jardin Privé based on the artwork of Maggi Co’s Village. Yes the same Maggi Co’s Village that is running the Night is in the Air SAL that I mentioned in my last post. The link to join that SAL is still up if anyone is still thinking about that by the way …..

I have a full album of pictures and thoughts on each night’s stitching (such as they are). Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook already has those ramblings.

Catgirl and Catboy by Jardin Prive and Maggie Co's Village

2 July Progress


    • Julie D
    • Posted 3 July 2012 at 18:39
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    I am overjoyed to see you stitching again. It’s looking fabulous

  1. OOOOOh a blue cat 😀

    Happy week!!!!

  2. Awesome!! Glad to see you’re stitching consistently!! 😀

  3. Yay!! So happy for you, that your stitching mojo is back! Love the blue kitty! Although, I guess I’ll give you a pass in the Pink department! Just happy you’re stitching! 😉

    Melissa J.

    • We’re all tickled pink she’s stitching again, so surely that counts?

    • Blue. It’s the new pink 🙂

    • the weird old bird
    • Posted 4 July 2012 at 06:53
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    Looks great and fantastic to see you back stitching.

  4. Yeah!!!!! You’re stitching consistently again! That is great! But don’t turn down too many social activites! You never know what they might bring you!

    Hugs and Pompons!

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