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Half past midnight. Been in bed a while but sleep is elusive. It doesn’t help that every time I close my eyes the bed starts spinning. Three cheers for med changeover side effects…

I love my parcel postie. For some quirk of fate he often arrives while I am in the shower. He used to just call out, drop the parcel in the doorway and go. Lately he’s just dropped off the parcel and kept going and I find a nice surprise post-shower.

Today though the poor man had to call out to me to come and sign for a parcel. He was so polite apologizing for interrupting my shower. Explaining that it was Christmas time and many people insure their packages at this time ….

I think for his sake – I’d better start showering earlier in the day for the next week or so…..

Mild panic cause 23: hearing a half-strangled noise from a cat and not being able to investigate because your digestion has you trapped in the toilet.

Turns out it was just Abby eating and sneezing at the same time.

Its Saturday. One of the neighbours has been working in her front yard since 8am or before. And her children were playing noisily on the road.

We don’t have a busy road, so consequently the cars that do come down it, tend to come down at high speed.

She yells at the kids to “stop playing on the road”. Good, great parenting!

“Go play in that man’s front yard instead” WTF??



* Must apologize to my neighbours, they were having a garage sale, so this comment was not made by them but rather a prospective buyer.

The Walk

Oooooh guys guys guys – especially for those who wish to lose weight/become fit/need to walk, and can’t or wont run …..



One that is iphone only (sorry Android people) but uses gamification instead of the storytelling is Striiv. You use your steps each day to buy plants to put into your garden. You can’t cheat by throwing money at it, you have to walk the steps to get the growing points. If anyone joins this one, let me know, I’d like a friend 


This one has had me walking laps around the house at 11pm at night to get one more plant in before bed. I see this as a good thing.

You can always tell the Aussies in a movie:

We can either sit here and do nothing or we can grab those flare guns and go out there and do something really stupid

You know your bladder is full when the main character in your dream is saying “yes, yes I know there’s a dead body I should be finding? But can you tell me the way to the Ladies? It’s very urgent!”

So so unimpressed. Finally got home tonight after a wonderful day out and discovered that my whole house reeks. It seems the neighborhood Tom had come in the cat window at some point and sprayed in every room of the house!!

Time to invest in a black light, an enormous bottle of Urine-Off and a skinning knife!!! Sigh. Cat window closed, and all other windows open to air out the house overnight. Sleep well everybody. See you in seven hours for some Doctor Who!


Update the following day: Have had the completely wonderful Julie and Ian Dollery visit, tell me the house doesn’t smell that bad and then went over every room with a black light and a spray gun of Urine-Off.

My best friends forever !!!!

Well it’s time to bid the visitors farewell and head to bed. I asked my friend to pose with Abby for tonight’s shot but he had this bizarre longing to keep all his blood inside his body. So goodnight from me and goodnight from the cats.


22 Nov 2013

I love Qi! Just learned that tomatoes eat insects ….

Apparently  insects get trapped in the furry parts of the tomato plant. They die and their nutrients are absorbed by the plant!

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