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Mum looked over the Needlework Show pages and told me to order the following five charts! She said these interested her too and “one of us would start some of them shortly”.

I’m not sure which charts will end up in my stash and which in hers, but hey!  It looks like Mum’s interested in stitching again!

Needlework Show October 2011

Lili Soleil (Dessins DHC) - Alphabet Bartok

Needlework Show October 2011

Ink Circles - Til Karin: 4 Elements


Needlework Show October 2011

Ink Circles - Metamorphosis

Needlework Show October 2011

Hinzeit - Last Stitch Cemetary

Needlework Show October 2011

Rovaris - R71 A Home is not complete


I haven’t posted this week as I’ve been trying to stitch up a secret stitching project. Also I just haven’t felt like blogging or haven’t had much that I thought was appropriate blogging material.

I talk about myself a LOT on my blog – hey its my blog that’s what it’s for.  You may have noticed that I don’t mention my mum at all in a personal context, her thoughts, fears, health etc any more – that is by her request.  Since I changed blog format from Multiply which was a closed format to WordPress which is an open format, mum doesn’t want me talking about private stuff here.

That is a reflection of our differing personalities and I’ve tried wherever possible to be sensitive to her wishes as well as to my own requirements for the blog.  I thought hard about the rest of this post and the following one and I think I’ve skirted then thin edge of the line between her wishes and mine.  That is I’ve included too much information for her liking and not enough for mine 🙂

Since I’ve moved in with mum, it’s been difficult for her grandchildren to visit.  Master 4 can be described as either attention deprived and without an inside voice or a undiagnosed ADHD sufferer with accompanying undiagnosed mild hearing issues.  To put it baldly he can’t speak at less than a shout and does not understand the difference between good attention and bad attention.

Master 2 is a completely different child, quiet, independent. He used to play with Hemingway a lot and now plays with Abby a bit.

With noise-induced migraines, I cannot be around Master 4 for long periods of time.  My sister would visit bringing Master 2 on a semi regular basis, but mum would have to drive to drive to my sisters to visit Master 4.

That’s the background.  Anyway, to the crux of the story.  On Tuesday, as an experiment, to see how well the increased dosage of the Deseril is working, we picked up both kids and brought them over for a visit.  It went surprisingly well.

Master 4 had been practicing speaking softly and actually remembered to do so for around two minutes at a time. It showed he was trying.  We had a few dramas such as he refused to eat his lunch that he picked out and he ran to the fridge and grabbed out a chocolate bar instead.  I stepped in at the point and used my “storytime voice” to tell him that he couldn’t have any chocolate because he hadn’t eaten his lunch.  Master 2 could have some chocolate if he wanted some.  Master 2 didn’t of course (completely different child) but Master 4’s eyes grew as big as saucers.  Apparently Master 4 has never been to storytime.

Anyway by mid afternoon with Master 4 refusing to nap and getting quite fractious and my head hurting and me starting to get a little annoyed we decided that was good enough for a first attempt.

I was a wipeout for the rest of the day and all of Wednesday. Had a very fragile head.  But it was a good experiment.

Mum and Kiddo thought the experiment was worth discussing again as a possibility on Saturday for a couple of hours while my Sister and her partner attend a party.

I had forgotten that when you have a definite Winter, you have a definable Spring. When you feel a definable Spring weather in the air, there comes with it Spring Cleaning.

Picture the following snippet of conversation a few minutes ago; I was in the kitchen washing up. Mum was in the bathroom.

Me (calling out): Don’t superglue the cat!

After a loooong pause:

Mum: Ummm …. I’ll try not.  I’ll try not to superglue the cat but I can’t promise anything.

Abby did wander out of the bathroom in apparently normal working order a few minutes later ….

In other news, we’re heading into Canberra this weekend for the Craft & Quilt Fair.  Yep – I’m going out in public, where there are sure to be a lot of people and many kids and we will see how the migraine fares … but damnit I need to get out and resume life.  So we will see.  Hope to be catching up with Miss A and YummyTimTam.


Mum and I have just started watching season 1 of Primeval and it reminded her of an older series she used to watch.

The basic premise was each week a group of tourists were taken to a point in history.  They were taken on safari or some other holiday each week via a walkway with instruction to never ever leave the walkway or touch anything in the time period they were visiting.  Of course something would go wrong and that fueled the drama for that episode.

Does this sound familiar? Can anyone place what this program is?  Mum thinks this was a television series but it could have been a movie …

After a cloudy, grey, drizzly, overcast, depressing week or so, we had sunshine today.  So I took a couple of pieces of stitching out in the sun to photograph them this morning.

Of course as soon as I was all set up, high cloud came over and the batteries went dead so mum and I had lots of fun moving pieces around to capture the best of the weak winter sun as we could, play with both the cameras, discuss the technical aspects of photographing handdyed fabric, discovered that yes my little digital point n shoot camera is indeed over 5 years old, found mum’s first digital camera, worked out how to download the pictures from it and then discovered the pictures weren’t worth downloading ….

As the camera was dying, all the photos were blurry, out of focus, almost double exposed …. I did suggest mum could put them in an art exhibition 🙂

In amongst it all we got in a couple of halfway decent shots of the stitching (no *good* shots) I’m afraid.   I’ve sent off a couple of photographs of a new piece, but I’ll let someone else talk about that piece first 🙂  We did end up with a nice shot of Tree of Stitches (that mum took) which brings out the colours of the threads …

Tree of Stitches

For today at least, the conversation trumped the actual photography.  The conversation evoked memories and created new ones, even if there will be no new photographs to commemorate this 🙂

6 Jan 2008Well its been awhile since I posted a Sunday update….

All of my 2007 finishes, including all of the pieces I gave as gifts are all now listed in my finished album.

I’ve updated and added to my Lust List.

I spent Christmas with my Dad and New Years with my mum and will be going back to work on Tuesday.

Christmas was quite fun this year.  I received wonderful gifts and lots of cards and threads from my stitching buddies on the BAPXS list.  I received a new microwave from my Dad, a set of really good cutlery, ovenmits and socks from mum.  Jewellery and CDs from Paul. Oh and chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate and two books on chocolate (one from mum and one from my non-stitching friend Alison).

I’ve been working on a new piece since New Years Eve.  Spotted Butterfly by Szulet Designs.  It was a chart mum had in her stash, and I bought enough fabric (28ct Monaco “Sky” by Dreams with Angels) for both of us to stitch this one up.  When I was at mum’s I pulled out her chart, checked I had bought enough fabric for two, cut it in half and then promptly nicked the chart and some of her DMC threads and started to stitch it.

Wasn’t planned – just happened.

I brought the chart home with me spent a half day scrabbling around my local Spotlight and Lincrafts stores for a spool of Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid in 001 Silver.  Finally found one spool in dubious circumstances in Lincrafts.

The plastic casing had been opened and it looked like the thread had been unwound … possibly some removed ?????  Anyway it was the *only* spool available so I took it to the front counter and explained the circumstances.  No reaction from the staff and no discount on the cost of the spool. I took it anyway as I wanted to finish this item before I went back to work on Tuesday.

I finished all of the cross stitching while watching the cricket yesterday and then ran out of Silver braid (used for the back-stitching) this afternoon.  So no finish yet for me.

It feels silly ordering one single spool of metallic from Karen@Dragonflydreams so I will put this one away now and get the thread delivered with my monthly fabric of the month club in February.

Tomorrow its onto  Gemstone Dragons from Dragon Dreams.  This is needed for an RR to go out so its the first priority.  Then if I have any time left in the week – I might work on my The One.

Especially as I haven’t worked on it at all since last July when we started this SAL.

…. or I might have to start Peridot from FireWing Designs. This was a birthday present from Laura that thanks to the vagaries of International Mail arrived a couple of days ago ( 5 months late).

I’ll see after I work on my RR ……  time to go and get some dinner now and then relax for the evening.  Tomorrow will spent washing cleaning ironing and doing everything else needed to facilitate an easy return to work the next day.


Well it was an extremely busy morning with seeing HR for my exit interview from this organisation, then getting Karen’s RAK in the mail (thank you) and then finally picking up two small pieces from the framers on the way home.

Stellar is by Patti of Moonflower Designs and is in my finished album.

Cat Lover was a present stitched by my mum and is in my presents album.


Well we gave up any and all moving stuff last night and sat and stitched. Mum worked on her bookmark and completely finished it. Including the fraying of the edges and attaching the ribbon.

She then gave it to me saying “here, now you have a piece that’s yours instead of you giving all yours away, I’ve given you one!”

I was quite surprised! But then again it would be like my mum to give me a bookmark right when all of my books are packed!


Hi all,

Mum turned up today to help me move. It only took a few minutes before the cross stitching was out and it was show and tell time. Mum hasn’t done much stitching lately – I think its too cold and dark where she lives. Anyway, here’s an update.

Ross Originals

Mayet Ready for Framing

OK here’s mum’s Mother’s Day present 2006. She just rang me and had opened it, so its safe to post here now. As I had it framed while mum was here for a visit over Easter, I could not get a photo of it framed. Mum’s going to send me a photo of it on her wall when she can.

She loves it – she really does thank goodness! I had the leaflet in among the others when she had a look through my stash when she was here, but she didn’t seem very interested in it at the time. She now says that she didn’t want to show too much interest because she wanted me to stitch things for myself, not for other people! Sure mum – I can spot your saves!

Anyway, the framer did a marvelous job of the framing and I think I chose just the right mat for it! You’ll see when the pics come along. Actually it was good to chat to mum now she’s stitching too! e.g. *she* mentioned that it was on 14ct Aida and how neat the stitches were, and didn’t I find all that black block work depressing … and then she said “You know I could make something like that!” And I said “YES MUM! You CAN!”

It was sooo brilliant!

I’m sitting here typing this with a pile of charts in plastic covers on the carpet beside me – I’m doing some work updating my spreadsheet of stash – and Trouble just walked past. She stopped and turned her head around to lick near her tail. But her front right paw (the one that she’s shifted most of her weight onto) is on a plastic chart, and its sloooowly sliding sideways …. I just watched, but she moved her paw just before she toppled onto her face. I giggled and she glared at me and stalked away :)

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