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It’s been so long since I’ve managed to successfully write an update post, I’m not sure where to start.  I have literally dozens of partially written posts but run out of energy or vocabulary skills or computer skills before I can get to the post point.  Hopefully this one will be better.

From a health perspective, we are into the second Zoladex implant now. The week of the implant is the week that my hormones are their lowest and I had a really good week that week. The migraine eased off a little, but mainly I just seemed to cope with life a lot more. I didn’t break down with things didn’t go to plan, I could be flexible and move with changes.  Something I was always very good at but can’t seem to do at all now.

Also I’ve noticed the last few mornings that no matter how cold I am during the night, I am sweltering around 6:00 or 6:30am so maybe I’m starting to get hot flushes? Maybe the implant is starting to work?

I have permanent diarrhoea now.  I have a gastroenterologist appointment scheduled for 12 September. I’ve had a wonderful conversation with my gut GP on how you too can plump out and firm up your stools! I am so filing all of this information away for when I get netter and get back to work!  I’m going to have some great stories!  What do you think, one for storytime?

Saw the dentist last week, I had broken a filling and jammed the broken piece up into the gum area, during my sleep!  Apparently due to always being in pain, even when I sleep, I’ve been clenching my jaws so much I’ve cracked most of fillings, worn most of the enamel off my of my teeth and broken a large chunk off an otherwise normal healthy tooth.

My luck with medical staff here in Melbourne is still holding out, I have discovered a fabulous, very considerate dentist who gave me very dark shades, moved the bright light away from my face as often as possible, used lower settings in the drill whenever possible etc in deference to migraine. She really understood my needs better than I did at the time.  She’s also lined me up for $3500 worth of fix-up work in my mouth, replacing fillings, capping teeth and making me a mouthguard so I do clench my teeth a night.  Oh that will help my exciting sex life!

Let’s see what other news ….

Housemate very kindly found some bits and bobs and we put together a spare bed frame so I’m now sleeping in a real bed instead of a mattress on the floor.  That was really kind of him!  Given my current digestive issues, getting up off the floor in the middle of the night for an emergency bathroom run was not the highlight of my day.  Now I get to roll out of bed onto the floor to start the emergency bathroom … well you get the idea 🙂

The bungalow is still not ready for me to move into.  Apparently it takes the owners, real estate and local handymen two months to being around three sheets of corrugated iron.  Who knows how long it will take them to actually nail them on the roof.  We wont mention then starting on the inside, because that involves an insurance claim …. {sigh}

At the end of September I’m heading up to the Central Coast of NSW to attend a friend’s wedding.  The plan is to stop in a mum’s place on the way home and collect some more items, like maybe a second pair of shoes, some more clothes and a bit of my stitching stash.  At this point, I’ve been in Melbourne two months and I’m still living out of the suitcase I packed for two weeks.

So all in all things are not going to plan, but life is all an adventure.


Xavier – taken 8 June 2012

Well stage two of the Melbourne move has now been undertaken.  We moved Stephen’s stuff into the share house over the weekend.  So we have Housemate R, Stephen and I all in the same place now.  Just waiting on the landlord to fix the hole in Bungalow roof and patch the ceiling and I can move my stuff and Abby in.

In the meantime Housemate R and Stephen are both ensuring I remember my meds and eat regularly. This whole share housing lark is going a lot more smoothly with us all in our 30s and 40s than it did when I was share housing with a heap of kids fresh out of home in my Uni days 🙂  A lot of joint decisions and furniture placement are being made sensibly without tantrums and drama – it’s all quite novel really 🙂

I don’t have a dedicated stitching spot yet, but both of the boys have promised me one in the very near future!  They have offered furniture and location but we just haven’t gotten said furniture into said location yet 🙂

Spitz and Xavier, Housemate R’s two cats were a bit unsettled all weekend with all the furniture arrival and then room rearranging, but they should settle down this week as both the boys are back at work for the week now. It’s Monday morning here.

I’m missing Abby like crazy, but she has settled into life with Miss A and her household quite nicely and sleep’s on Miss A’s bed each night.  I suspect when Abby does make the move down here, Miss A and her daughter may be acquiring another cat of their own, such is the impact Abby is having on their lives!

The migraines have been getting progressively worse again over the last week.  This fits with the hormonal theory as now is my ovulation point or when my hormones are at their highest.  So they should start to slowly ease back off again from now.  However my next appointment with the endocrinologist is tomorrow.  If my tests all came back well and good I’ll be going on some very expensive medications that will hold my hormones to their lowest ebb all month long.  This does not mean a pain-free Mel, but it does improve the situation.

Also, even now, I’m still recovering from the migraine upswings faster than I was at Bowning. I’m measuring the subsidence in hours instead of days. That alone proves this move was invaluable, even if we get no further benefits.

Spitz & Xavier

Well the Endocrinologist visit wasn’t the magic bullet I was hoping for, and my new housemate got broken into, but other than that, life is actually improving!  Although my migraine levels are still being “set off” or increased, they are settling down or improving faster here. This is good news!

I stayed at Stephen’s little flat for the first week, just to get my feet under me and take a rest 🙂 It was a nice quiet area but a little difficult to do much as there was only one set of keys so I couldn’t just pop down the street for a walk 🙂  It was good to catch up with Stephen though and I tried a few trips into the CBD, some more successful than others.

On Tuesday, after the Endo visit and associated medical tests, I caught up with Julie and her hubby.  Although we chat online on a regular basis I have missed chatting with Julie in person and missed watching the dynamic between her and her hubby (they are a wonderful team). With an afternoon of lunch and RAKs and a looking at all of Julie’s recent stitching and a trip into town to see Melbourne’s stitching hot-spot, some police with whistles put an end to the festivities by setting off my migraine something fierce.  Julie and hubby so very nicely dropped me back at Stephen’s place.

I had a couple of cups of tea, and let my head rest. I’ve noticed that my head is recovering from the migraines faster here than they were at home too!  This is good news. Very good news!  Then a bit of last-minute packing and as we were about to head over to the new place we noticed the messages from new housemate Cutie R.  He had been burgled sometime during the day – he only noticed when he got home that night.  It looks like they jimmeyed a window and took a heap of electronic stuff, laptop, phone, wii, DVDs etc.  We headed on over and kept him company for the night.

I helped him the next day while he took stock of what was missing, rang the insurance, talked to the crime scene techs etc.  I took him out to lunch to cheer him up and bought a microwave for the house.

Today I spent alone in the new house.  Just me and Cutie R’s two cats: Spitz and Xavier. Spitz is the black cat and he’s the quiet, shy one. He’s getting comfortable  enough that I can take these kids of photos 🙂  Xavier is the outgoing one who demands head rubs and lap space.  We’re getting quite well. I just have to remember not to leave *any* food around as these two will try to eat anything!

I’ll try stitching with them around tomorrow.

The little bungalow out the back where I will be moving into permanently has a leak in the roof.  The landlord has approved the repairs, we are just waiting on the right handyman to come and do the job.  Then I can arrange to move my furniture and Abby down from Canberra 🙂

Today I went into Melbourne CBD.  I got a quick haircut at one of those Just Cuts places that cut your hair dry, in and out under 15 mins. A quick lunch in a food court.  And bought five items in a supermarket.

By the time I trudged around a few blocks of Melbourne, past all the construction work, through all the crowds and got those three items done, I was shattered. I was exhausted. I was in so much pain I had tunnel vision, I wasn’t walking straight and I still had to figure out how to get back to where I was staying.

After wandering aimlessly around a few blocks I stumbled across a taxi rank. I literally cried all the way home in the taxi. And that took a while as we got stuck at road works repeatedly.

But it will get better. Specialists appointment is next week so hopefully that will help. Also I get to visit the place Abby and I hope to move into tomorrow so that’s exciting! I miss my Abby Cat.

A couple of weekends ago (a lifetime ago) my sister went into hospital with complications arising with her pregnancy (she was twelve weeks along).

Her two boys, Master 5 and Master 3 came to stay with mum and me full-time. I arranged for Master 5 to change schools and we made room for the boys in our lives.

My sister after a few days, unhappily, lost the baby. Mum spent most of her time travelling to and from the hospital helping my sister through her grief, and helping her partner through his issues. I spent my time with the boys, talking to teachers, walking Master 5 to school, enrolling Master 3 in the local library storytime, making lunches, helping with homework, teaching the boys to count and tell time and start to read and the endless endless clothes washing and washing dishes that happen with children in the house. I loved my bonding time with my nephews, but sad it had to be under such circumstances.

Now my sister is out of hospital, she is staying with us for a while to physically and emotionally recover. If any extended family members are reading this, and you don’t know mum’s phone number, ask Uncle Ross or Uncle Grahame.

Unfortunately the last couple of days have proven that there just isn’t enough room in mum’s little cottage for five people, so Abby and I are moving to Melbourne.  This move has been on the cards for a while, but my sister’s needs have sped up the timetable.  My sister and her kids need to bond again, and they all need mum now.

Abby was picked up by the ever wonderful Miss A this afternoon and will be staying with her for a few days before flying down. I’ll be travelling to Melbourne tomorrow via rail. Some friends had already arranged temporary accommodation for me next week for my specialists visit and they are happy for me to arrive a week early.

If all works out, it is a place Abby and I can move into for a long time. Meanwhile my sister can get the help she needs here.

Its been one of those weeks ….

My specialist gave up on me, I’m allergic to the water supply, family dramas galore and in the tradition of the best songs my best friend’s dog died.

The sad news first: Tuesday morning I received a txt from Miss A. Her beloved Tane had just died.  She was gambolling around the yard then just laid down and died, they think it was a stroke. So a good way to go – she was happy and well-loved.  Miss A is of course as heart-broken as any of us would be.  Tane was the canine that turned a life-long cat person into a dog-person; truly an exceptional personality! And one that will be sorely missed 🙁

On Monday:  We saw my world leading consulting neurologist on Monday to report that the Parnate was a failure. He didn’t believe the side-effects I had while on the drug.  “It’s supposed to be an anti-depressant; it’s not supposed to make you depressed!” and then he prescribed one last course of drugs. A 3-5 day lignocaine infusion.

Unfortunately in Australia, this infusion is only legal for emergency use.  So to be eligible for this I would go into Canberra intentionally place myself to I could get the worse possible migraine triggering, then call an ambulance then convince Canberra’s largest hospital (with chronic bed shortage) that although I have self managed my migraine pain with a cool quiet environment for the last two years, I really now needed to be in a noisy light filled hospital for 3-5 so my specialist can administer this drug.

This drug which has been trialled once in Australia and only gave lasting relief to 4 out of 19 patients. And you want me to talk my way in to an elective procedure via an emergency route. At the busiest time of year. In the busiest hospital in the region.

The specialist said it was up to me to get myself into that hospital bed and to call him in when I was there and there was nothing further he could do for me. This was it. There was no other option. He was out of options. There is nothing further can do for me.  He then walked past both of us out into the waiting room and called the next patients into the office.

To say mum and I were a little stunned was an understatement.  We were shocked.  Shocked and sickened ; at the lack of ethics and we felt cast off; rudderless.

It’s now Friday.  We’ve given it a lot of thought and the one area that Dr Andrews didn’t know anything about was the Implanon in my arm.  A few times I think the different drugs he gave me overrode the implant and I wonder if the implant is playing a role in all of this because there is a link between women 35-45 and migraine and hormones. Dr Andrews knew nothing about artificial hormone regulators or how they affected any of the drugs he put me on.  So we talked all of this through with my GP this week and he gave me the number of a gynecologist in Canberra who specialists in hormone research.  Some gynecologists later (most are only interested in hormonal issues related to fertility it seems and I’m not interested in getting pregnant as a way to relieve the migraine thank you very much) I have an appointment with one in February.

In the meantime I’m thinking I should just get the thing removed and see how things go for the next month anyway.  If it makes no difference I can always get it put back in.

Next issue: Icky.  I’ve been having intermittent without warning explosive diarrhea for a few months.  Lets just say that adult diapers will never be on my fantasy list ever! Euwwwww ….  Anyway it turns out there’s a bug in the local water supply that the locals are used to but I’m not.  So it’s some heavy-duty antibiotics and then bottled water or gin & tonics for at least the next month, preferably two.  The GP recommends the gin & tonics, costs the same as the bottled water but makes Christmas with the relatives easier to bear!  I like my GP 🙂

Which bring us to the last issue: Family.  This one has taken most of the mental energy and time outside of the bathroom this week.  I’ve also been doing a fair amount of Warcraft. Thank you to Stephen for explaining to me years ago how therapeutic pixel-killing really is! Anyway, the house my sister was renting was sold and Kiddo and the kids have to be out by Sunday.  This is unfortunately not the time of year to be looking for a new house to rent, especially in her area.  However as Master 5 is enrolled in the local school to start in February she really wanted to stay local, so finally she found a place in Thursday.

In between trips to the bathroom and the GPs I gave Kiddo lots of packing advice and encouragement and helped mediate family dynamics.  Who knew all those trainer  mediation skills and techniques would work on family members ?!

So this morning mum and I made a heap of sandwiches and a big thermos of tea and mum;s driving that over and bringing the grandkids back here.  Dad’s turning up over there and helping Kiddo and her partner do the actual move. I’m getting dressed shortly, baking a cake for the kids and hiding all the Christmas presents before Master 5 sticks his goddamn nose where it don’t belong.  Hmmm better do that bit first.

So yes – migraine city for me for the weekend, but this way Dad Kiddo and her partner can her stuff moved to the new place without the kids under foot.  And over here, Master 3 and Master 5 can play outside with Grandma while I continue to wonder why we do not spend more time decorating the bathroom.  Surely we need a trompe l’oeil in there.


Not sure how long the link will work, but we were accepted on this property an hour ago.

Unfortunately we can’t move in for another four weeks.

That means Trubs in the cattery for another four weeks.
Being without my cross stitch or any other stuff for four weeks.

Oh well.

At least we have one – and it is a house that both Stephen and I loved the feel of as we walked through it.  It has everything we wanted (except a dishwasher) and we know we will love it there.

Thursday Trubs and I arrived very tired and I kinda zombied my way through the day.  Friday however, was a whole nother day!

Friday I lined up house viewings – 3 today, 2 on Monday and at least one more next Wednesday.

I finalised outstanding matters on the old place so I should be placing documents on Tuesday to get my bond returned.

I also found out I have a job interview for a very good job next Thursday!  I applied for this job a couple of weeks ago.

So things are looking very positive this Saturday morning 🙂 🙂 🙂

Pic taken standing in doorway to house 🙂 I really need to find somewhere else to put the bins …..

Front yard at the new place.

19 October 2008


Eben and Snooch?  Garfield and Nermal?  No just Trouble and Hemingway sitting in front of mum’s fireplace 🙂

Well this is my first Sunday update in a while – and might be my last for a couple of weeks 🙂

I’m driving to Melbourne tomorrow and it could be another two weeks after that before my Internet is connected at the new place.

Stitching Update:

Corn and Beans by Inkcircles designs
This is the last of the stitching I did on the train commute.  There isn’t much progress, but it is the very last of the “stitched on a train” production, so I wanted to commemorate it with an update.

Sisu’s RR – Friendship Tea Sampler 
A difficult project – I hate blending thread and metallic filaments 🙂 🙂  But I did a good 10 hours and got this little bit done after mucking around with a previous bit that had a a few problems.

Garden Cat by Cross Stitch Art
This one was in mum’s stash.  A recent acquisition she showed me.  I loved it so we looked through her stash and mine and we kitted it up.  I started it Tuesday evening and finished it Saturday evening.

As well as the pics in its own album – I also have a pic on my 2008 Finishes folder.

Finally I’ve also got another section of BoInk finished – but pics for that will have to wait until this part is released.

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