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The Walk

Oooooh guys guys guys – especially for those who wish to lose weight/become fit/need to walk, and can’t or wont run …..



One that is iphone only (sorry Android people) but uses gamification instead of the storytelling is Striiv. You use your steps each day to buy plants to put into your garden. You can’t cheat by throwing money at it, you have to walk the steps to get the growing points. If anyone joins this one, let me know, I’d like a friend 


This one has had me walking laps around the house at 11pm at night to get one more plant in before bed. I see this as a good thing.

After a few months of migraine-induced depression and apathy I finally decided recently to get my act together.

  • I have created a budget that will see me debt free by end of October 2011.
  • I am controlling my eating habits rather than cravings controlling me
  • I am actively looking for ways to get fit that wont worsen the migraine
  • I’ve decided to de-clutter physically and electronically

Anything that gets the blood pumping makes the migraine explode. For days.  So does any music with a good beat, And sunlight,

I’m walking around the property for 30-40 mins whenever I’m home around dusk on the theory that something is better than nothing. If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know. This inability to do anything physical is frustrating the hell out of me.

I work best by setting myself small goals and measuring progress. Setting down a series of steps/milestones and then focusing on achieving them.  I have no idea how to do this over the next 12 months because the de-cluttering is such a massive undertaking,

So decided to start at my desk. A while ago Stephen and I set up Evernote to keep electronic clutter at bay; and turn paper clutter into electronic files. I finally get around to setting up the docking station so very kindly supplied for my new laptop and discover it don’t fit 🙂  My fault for not providing the model number to my kind benefactor (or attempting to use it before now).

Oh well I have found the installation/driver discs for all of my peripherals (printers, scanner, camera etc).  After four and half very frustrating hours, I discover none of them will work with a 64x machine running Windows 7.

After downloading driver updates, viewing microsoft help pages, Canon support pages and various forums I have discovered that although Canon are slowly updating the software for their older machines to run on Windows 7, they are not planning on updating them for use in a 64x machine.

So I have documents waiting to be scanned and photos of my stitching waiting to be downloaded and I have to show for 4.5 hours today is a mounting sense of frustration and a full-blown migraine,

And now its time to get dressed and head to work for the afternoon.

I wanted to send out a happy “progress is being made” post today, and pics of my stitching but instead all I feel is mounting sense of uselessness and frustration at myself.

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