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Hi all,

I know I’ve neglected this blog in favour of the immediacy and informality of Facebook, but I thought it was time I got back on here for those who avoid FB.

Not much has changed in the past six months.  I’m still in pain every day, I still sleep, watch TV, stitch, play Warcraft and obsess over my cats as distractions from every day pain.

It’s my birthday on Friday and the usual week of night terrors has begun again.  From my limited understanding of my psyche, these are a manifestation of grief.  I still miss my Trouble Cat who died on my birthday several years ago.  I suspect I will miss her for every day of my life.  She was my constant furry companion for 18 years, for at least half of those it was her and I alone against the world 🙂

When I quit work in early 2011 due to Bruce the migraine, there was an overwhelming feeling that drugs or surgery would fix the issue and I’d be back in a job by my birthday. Yet another birthday is coming and that hasn’t happened.  I grieve for the life I lost; the career ambitions, the financial independence, the feeling of making a difference in the world, of paying my taxes and being able to grumble about all of it.

Yet it is not all doom and gloom. Due to new meds I have been able to deal with the everyday noise of the neighbourhood without wanting to go postal on all of them. I’ve even started listening to music again, although in very small bursts, just a few minutes in the car when driving. I’m watching TV more now, instead of reading it 🙂

And of course I am still alive, the cats are all well, I’m affording the increase in my rent and still able to keep the car on the road and covering the winter heating bills.  Life could be so very much worse.

I couldn’t be where I am without the support of my parents, and my close friends the Dolley’s and Stephen (all of whom keep the cats and I fed each fortnight).  I was going to type fed and sane, but well sanity is over-rated 🙂

So what about the rest of you?  Bring my up to date on your life – especially if you are not one I chat to on FB regularly.


Time for sleep. A really good nights sleep.


20 Nov 2013

Abby waiting for her daddy to visit …


20 Nov 2013

I was just out hanging washing on the line and Abby was madly scrabbling at the small garden shed. Thinking we may have a Spring influx of vermin in the shed I opened it for her. She played in the boxes and was having a fun time (no vermin) when Little Miss decided to look in and see what all of the fuss was about….

Abby smartly stepped outside, nosed the door shut and pranced away with her tail in the air! The little minx. I let Little Miss out and she gave me the most heartrending look as if this was all of MY fault ….


Updated:  1:30am and I remember that I didn’t put the freshly washed clothes away ….


18 Nov 2013

Dramatic sleeping!

Little Miss

13 Nov 2013

Took the Little Bruiser to the vets this morning as she still had not cleaned up this eye and was having some problems jumping up and down.

The vets gave her a thorough examination, and put some dye in her eye. The claw missed her actual eyeball. There’s no damage there whatsoever. However she was given an antibiotic shot to prevent any abscesses forming near the eye.

She was also given a shot of metacam. Abby was very very good at hiding which ligament she strained, but being kept warm, inside and the anti-inflammatory should repair any strains over the next few days.


12 Nov 2013

Last weekend Julie & her hubby Ian took me out to Ingrid’s Haven; a cat no-kill rescue run by surprisingly enough a woman named Ingrid and her many minions, I mean volunteers, and housing over 200 cats.

I went specifically to look at two cats that I could give a good home to. Moshie has only one eye and has been at the Haven for most of her 5 years of life, always being passed over. Jane was relatively new to the Haven but was highly traumatized, also had only one eye and a broken jaw that had reset badly.  Both these cats needed a little extra attention which I felt in my current arrangement of being home in a quiet environment 24/7 I could offer.  Otherwise if my home wasn’t suitable for either of these, I could perhaps rescue a senior cat who is used to a quiet home and just wants a comfy lap and some company for the remainder of their days.

SO off we went. We took an age to find the place.  I think there has to be a happy middle ground somewhere between not wanting to advertise for fear of attracting those who want to dump their animals, and signposts somewhere, anywhere, for those who are legitimately coming to visit for the intent of adopting.  If I didn’t have my heart set on the two I did, we would have given up and gone to another shelter.  It took four phone calls to find the entrance of the place from the main road.

Once there, we found Moshie easily enough, and I could get her to talk to me. I was happy enough that this would work.  We went off to find Jane anyway.  Coming close to Jane was impossible. She was highly traumatized and easily bullied by the other cats.  Although it tore my heart out, I couldn’t bring Jane home with me, as Abby would bully her. Abby will bully if the other cat doesn’t stand its ground.

So it was back to Moshie.  I spent nearly two hours in the enclosure with Moshie. Unfortunately, the more comfortable she became with me, the more some really bad traits started to emerge.  She scratched me and dug claws into me to get attention. That could be worked on, that’s something I’ve dealt with before.  But she also started to violently attack any other cat that came near me.  This was the opposite extreme.  I talked it over with Julie and we both came to the conclusion that I could not bring Moshie home to Abby. Moshie would attack Abby and drive her away.

So with much disappointment in my heart, Julie and I walked amongst the other enclosures, starting with the senior cats.  There were so many cats, it was quite late in the afternoon and I had run out of capacity to judge this cat versus that cat.

We were heading back to the car with a discussion of coming back the following weekend when we stopped at one final enclosure.  Julie had spied a gorgeous juvenile cat with light tortoiseshell markings and had to say hello.  And that was when I saw her.

I saw her. She meowed at me. Heart lost. Decision made. I knew nothing about her, I had made no judgements, I just knew in my heart that she was coming home with us.

Meet Little Miss.  Official Name: Miss Appropriate.

Scottish Fold

Yes she is a Scottish Fold

So then we find out that she is new to the Haven. So new she hasn’t quite served out her 10 day mandatory waiting period yet.  So I discussed it with Julie and Ian and a second trip was planned to collect her.

On the way home we discussed many names, even plundering Google for Gaelic terms and finally decided on Miss Appropriate.  She misappropriated my heart.  She’s only seven months old, she’s as cute as can be, she wouldn’t have problems getting adopted. She was not what I went out to the shelter with all of my good intentions looking for. But she stole my heart with one look.  The same happened with Abby.  The same happened with Trouble. So I took it as a sign and she is here.

Little Miss (known as Lassie at the Haven – I was not going to call a cat Lassie!) seems to be settling in here with the most remarkable of ease.  I’ve already rung Julie once with “I’m the worst cat-mum in the world” and been calmed down.  But honestly, she is fabulous and already a lap cat.

Lap Cat

Lap Cat

Abby tried pushing her a little but Little Miss stood her ground.  She’s not attacked Abby as far as I know.  There’s been a little bristled fur when one comes upon the other unexpectedly, but it is still in the first couple of days!

Already the cats seem to be separating the house into your part and my part.  Abby has ceded the lounge to Little Miss, but Miss doesn’t come into the bedroom.  Abby has the cat tree but Miss sleeps on the dining room chairs.

Miss has already had one litter of kittens, she still has the sutures from surgery. She had no clue what curtains were, or cat toys.  So she’s slowly learning to play. She loves the cat tunnels as does Abby so I’m really hoping the two of them will play together at some point.

Fingers crossed.  She’s made so many strides in just a few days.




Oh as for the little pale tortoiseshell that Julie fell for?  Ian was very firm with their “two laps means two cats” policy. So I suspect their two existing cats are on notice to pull up their socks 🙂

Xavier – taken 8 June 2012

Well stage two of the Melbourne move has now been undertaken.  We moved Stephen’s stuff into the share house over the weekend.  So we have Housemate R, Stephen and I all in the same place now.  Just waiting on the landlord to fix the hole in Bungalow roof and patch the ceiling and I can move my stuff and Abby in.

In the meantime Housemate R and Stephen are both ensuring I remember my meds and eat regularly. This whole share housing lark is going a lot more smoothly with us all in our 30s and 40s than it did when I was share housing with a heap of kids fresh out of home in my Uni days 🙂  A lot of joint decisions and furniture placement are being made sensibly without tantrums and drama – it’s all quite novel really 🙂

I don’t have a dedicated stitching spot yet, but both of the boys have promised me one in the very near future!  They have offered furniture and location but we just haven’t gotten said furniture into said location yet 🙂

Spitz and Xavier, Housemate R’s two cats were a bit unsettled all weekend with all the furniture arrival and then room rearranging, but they should settle down this week as both the boys are back at work for the week now. It’s Monday morning here.

I’m missing Abby like crazy, but she has settled into life with Miss A and her household quite nicely and sleep’s on Miss A’s bed each night.  I suspect when Abby does make the move down here, Miss A and her daughter may be acquiring another cat of their own, such is the impact Abby is having on their lives!

The migraines have been getting progressively worse again over the last week.  This fits with the hormonal theory as now is my ovulation point or when my hormones are at their highest.  So they should start to slowly ease back off again from now.  However my next appointment with the endocrinologist is tomorrow.  If my tests all came back well and good I’ll be going on some very expensive medications that will hold my hormones to their lowest ebb all month long.  This does not mean a pain-free Mel, but it does improve the situation.

Also, even now, I’m still recovering from the migraine upswings faster than I was at Bowning. I’m measuring the subsidence in hours instead of days. That alone proves this move was invaluable, even if we get no further benefits.

Spitz & Xavier

Well the Endocrinologist visit wasn’t the magic bullet I was hoping for, and my new housemate got broken into, but other than that, life is actually improving!  Although my migraine levels are still being “set off” or increased, they are settling down or improving faster here. This is good news!

I stayed at Stephen’s little flat for the first week, just to get my feet under me and take a rest 🙂 It was a nice quiet area but a little difficult to do much as there was only one set of keys so I couldn’t just pop down the street for a walk 🙂  It was good to catch up with Stephen though and I tried a few trips into the CBD, some more successful than others.

On Tuesday, after the Endo visit and associated medical tests, I caught up with Julie and her hubby.  Although we chat online on a regular basis I have missed chatting with Julie in person and missed watching the dynamic between her and her hubby (they are a wonderful team). With an afternoon of lunch and RAKs and a looking at all of Julie’s recent stitching and a trip into town to see Melbourne’s stitching hot-spot, some police with whistles put an end to the festivities by setting off my migraine something fierce.  Julie and hubby so very nicely dropped me back at Stephen’s place.

I had a couple of cups of tea, and let my head rest. I’ve noticed that my head is recovering from the migraines faster here than they were at home too!  This is good news. Very good news!  Then a bit of last-minute packing and as we were about to head over to the new place we noticed the messages from new housemate Cutie R.  He had been burgled sometime during the day – he only noticed when he got home that night.  It looks like they jimmeyed a window and took a heap of electronic stuff, laptop, phone, wii, DVDs etc.  We headed on over and kept him company for the night.

I helped him the next day while he took stock of what was missing, rang the insurance, talked to the crime scene techs etc.  I took him out to lunch to cheer him up and bought a microwave for the house.

Today I spent alone in the new house.  Just me and Cutie R’s two cats: Spitz and Xavier. Spitz is the black cat and he’s the quiet, shy one. He’s getting comfortable  enough that I can take these kids of photos 🙂  Xavier is the outgoing one who demands head rubs and lap space.  We’re getting quite well. I just have to remember not to leave *any* food around as these two will try to eat anything!

I’ll try stitching with them around tomorrow.

The little bungalow out the back where I will be moving into permanently has a leak in the roof.  The landlord has approved the repairs, we are just waiting on the right handyman to come and do the job.  Then I can arrange to move my furniture and Abby down from Canberra 🙂

Just checking my camera and found the following photographs I took in the last couple of weeks:

5 May 2012 - Abby in her wheelbarrow

And the reason I hadn’t been stitching for a week or so …

12 May 2012 - Basement Kitten

Basement Kitten will be staying with mum and the boys, but Abby cat should be back with me soon …

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