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Had a productive week stitching wise.  I’ve started the BAPXS “100 Stitches Challenge” and although I haven’t stitched every night, the nights I have, I have put in at least 100 stitches.

This project New York is quite an easy one, with only 5 shades of blue and 5 shades of brown stitched on Aida. Even with my permanent headache/migraine I’ve managed to push this project along quickly. One more week and this might even be finished?

I was at the Perth Craft and Quilting Fair yesterday. The Quilt Display was awesome. There were so many unexpectedly powerful pieces there especially those on the theme of Anzac Day.

I was good and didn’t add to my stash *and*  I also resisted the temptation to start any new hobbies 🙂 Knowing I need to spend a lot of money on Wednesday on medical costs helped my resolve to not spend money.

I did see a stitched model of a kit I have in my stash, so I might just have to make a new start tomorrow instead of finishing New York …

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