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Part 1 – Exporting from Multiply

One of the Indonesian Multiply users, Febiansyah, has written a java-based Multiply RSS Generator.

This little program streamlines the normal RSS Generator, allowing it to copy the whole blog archive (instead of being limited to only 25 posts) and includes the copying of comments.

This process does NOT copy across photo albums. It only copies blog posts (journal), reviews, recipes and notes. Like everything else we’ve tested so far, it can’t get past Multiply’s change of code on the image files so it just links to the image files on the Multiply servers rather than copying them.

However this program does copy over all blog posts, reviews, recipes and notes *with comments* in one easy step so it may still be worthwhile for you.

Before you start, go into your multiply account:

And ensure that nothing is listed as a Table View. The Blog page and Notes Page especially should be listed as Full Entries.

Hit OK and close down Multiply, that’s all we will need from there.

Now, to start this process, you need to download the program. Warning it is in a zip file, so you will need a program that can unzip compressed files. Anyone who has bought a Chatelaine chart should have an unzip program on their machine 🙂

Just click the download button.

Unzip the files and save them. Then open the file folder.

Click or Double-click on MultiplyRSSGenerator to open the program.  As this was written on the fly by a fellow Multiplyer, it doesn’t have all the friendliness of clickable icons etc.

The program should open up to the following screen.  If it doesn’t. You might need to check your Java is up to date. You can download Java Runtime 1.6 here.  Buttons on the page will help you determine which is the right download for your machine.

Then open up your MultiplyRSSGenerator folder then file again and this program should now be open:

So now we just fill it in with our own details.

The name of my blog is gothtigger

I want to copy over my journal, reviews, and notes. I can’t remember of I typed in any recipes using the recipes section, but I’ll tick that too just in case.

As in Part 4 I was saving my backups to C:\My Websites I figure I’ll save these tests here too.  So I’ve browsed to C:\My Web Sites then created a subfolder for Multiply RSS and then a sub folder for Gothtigger Blog.  If I try then again with a different blog like an RR group, I’ll use a different last sub folder.

Finally I’ll hit the Process button and start everything going.

The following screen comes up and we are off and running. You need to scroll down manually to see any progress in the output panel.

This might take more than a couple of minutes …..

Yep about half an hour later we come to this screen:

Processing RSS

Now that’s not quite accurate. It actually took me all day to get to that point. I found I couldn’t run this process via the wireless set-up in the house, the process kept dropping out part way.  Finally, tonight I came into Stephen’s study and connected my laptop to the router with a cable and the process flowed smoothly and without any trouble.

So now we go into our destination folder, in my case that was: C:\My Web Sites\Multiply RSS\Gothtigger Blog and in that folder we should see an XML file for each of the formats we ticked, Journal, Reviews, Recipes, and Notes.

Now we will use those files to upload into our WordPress Blog.

Part 2 – Importing to WordPress

Open your WordPress blog, and go to the dashboard.

Before we do anything, go to the side rail and look at your Sharing tab:

On this page it should list all of the different social media outlets that you can connect your blog to: