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Vervaco Kit Moscow

1 Jan 2009

If all bits and bobs arrived in time I planned on starting Vienna Ball on New Years Day.

I collected most of the DMC.
The specialty kit arrived from Debbie.
On New Years Eve the fabric arrived.

It was hideous.  OK not hideous – it was in fact quite a pretty pastel sky blue.  For something that called “Evening Shadows” and supposed to be dark purples and greys ????

Pictures for comparison here.

I was quite depressed about the whole thing.  I have emailed Catherine at Country Stitch and sending the fabric back.  She is dyeing a different colour for me once I decide between Twilight and Thundercloud.

So instead on New Years Day I continued stitching on Moscow.

I was sitting it down late last night (ahem early hours of the morning) and viewing the work from a distance – as you do.  I admit I was still a bit rankled that I was working on it instead of Vienna Ball.

Mr S was just finishing up his stuff when I made the comment “I always seem to be working on boring pieces when you are around”/

I received a distracted “I don’t think any of your stitching projects look boring”.

Its the little things …..

Happy 2009 to all!

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