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Snail mail ....

What with Easter and the flu and Tiger, April was pretty much of a blur for me. I managed to get the Project-a-Day posts written each day, but I haven’t kept up with reading and replying to all of the comments and I’m sorry for that. I plan to do a little blog tidy up and catch up each day this month.

To start, I’m off to the Post Office this afternoon with:

  • Dad’s Birthday present
  • Ocean’s Daughter to Deb
  • Jenny’s birthday present from the old Stitch Specialists’ Birthday group
  • DVDs to Stephen

. I’ve also just sent out emails asking for postal addresses to send off:

Also just a reminder that the following charts are still available free to a good home if people are interested. I usually only send one per person:

Now what else have I promised to send to people who I haven’t yet done so?  Please don’t be shy to remind me.  I know I have memory issues and need reminding if things fall through the cracks or fall off my To Do lists.  And these Lists have fallen apart!


Received the last 2 missing FOTM packages in the mail on Monday, Powder Blue is cute, but I really love Wandering Ivy – and now I have two types, the linen Natalie gave me and now the opalescent lugana !!!!!

My next door neighbour (and owner) got broadband on the weekend. No worries no fuss. Needless to say I rang the company on Monday and demanded an explanation – they couldn’t give me one. They tested my line yet again and still no go.

However they then realised that I had put in a second line, and they tested *that* one and apparently that one is fine! Apparently the second line is broadband compatible! Huh? Both lines are through the same physical cable come up to the house from the street ???????

Anyway skepticism notwithstanding, I’m not the sort to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I agreed to sign up for broadband yet again – I’ll find out in a fortnight whether it actually is going to work. As I said, I’m hopeful but skeptical!

Powder Blue

Powder Blue

Finally Paul and I went to the local reptile park on Sunday afternoon. As well as the reptiles and spiders they had a great collection of Australian native birds mammals and flora. Took lots and lots of pics but will need to sort through them before trying to upload any. Due to their entertaining education officer, and the sheer variety of Australian fauna all in one place, I would recommend this place as a Must See for all overseas visitors. And not just because its only 20 minutes down the road from me 🙂

And finally my Dragski hates me …… {sigh} …. I think he got jealous because I was enjoying working on Fire Flower last week. I sat down with the castle last night and the floss tangled, the pinhead stitches wouldn’t stay, the needle wouldn;t glide properly! No frogging due to poor stitch placement, I put the stitches in the right place, but oh the thread !!!! I had to do every stitch two or three times because of the tangles and knots! and that was using two different threads straight off the skeins! From four different skeins !!!!

I’ll try again tonight.

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