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Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL 2012
Laura’s Part one stitched and beaded as a sneak preview.


Laura has added the following information on the Facebook SAL page:

Mystery Sal
I remind you that registration will close June 30 and that the pattern will never be published, will be only for the participants .. Therefore, those who were still unsure, sign up … pictured below, as an incentive, here is the 1 Step … in all its glory …

By the sounds of this, this design will not ever be released any other way.  So if you like Passione Ricamo designs in general, and you have few spare dollars in your pocket, I recommend you give this one a look in the next five days.

For those interested, the purchase and sign-up page is here.

Look at all those purple beads in the border, no wonder the chart calls for over 2000 of them …..

SAL Logo

Laura had this to say on the Passione Ricamo Fairy Mistery SAL 2012 – 2013 Facebook Group:

welcome to everyone!!! and thank you to all of you for the great trust you are showing to me….I’m almost speechless!!!!!!!!!!!

I called this Mystery Sal thinking that we were a small group of mainly Italian girls …. instead …. I’m terrified!!! also because I never thought that someone could enjoy to this SAL, I thought no more than 10-15 people at most … INSTEAD ARE subscribing FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

In any case, I want to remind to all of you that the subscription ends on the 30 of June 2012, that this special chart now is only for the subscriber, and will become available as paper chart not before the 2014 or more…

Stitchers can choose if stitch it only with DMC floss, or use the original list with DMC, beads and metallic…

The chart is splitted in 12 step, ! step for each month starting from the 1 of July 2012.
each step is about 45 x 73 stitches, and at the start of each step i will show you my stitched part… yes, I will going to stitch it for you winh with you….

My dear firend Dawn, surely will hep you if you need …..
Again thank you to all of you!
hugs and kisses!


I’m getting excited over this one.  I’m pretty sure I have a suitable fabric and all the floss (metallics etc) already in my stash so I’ll be ready to go as soon as my stash as I are reunited.

For those interested, the purchase and signup page is here.

SAL Logo

Yep I never finish Stitch-a-longs. But I can’t resist the lure. Especially when it is from one of my favourite designers.

There’s a couple of catches with this one.  You MUST sign up before the SAL starts. 

Sal starts on the 1 July 2012, sign ups close on the 30 June 2012.  So this is definitely a Mystery SAL and you go into it with your eyes closed.  There’s no chance to wait and see what it’s going to look like and then jump in later 🙂

The flip side is that the pattern is €12.00 Euro. (Approximately $15-$16.00 US or Australian).  So if you do like the majority of Passione Ricamo charts and have the money to spare, it’s not that big an investment if it turns out you don’t like it.

But that’s the gamble with Mystery charts 🙂

There is a Facebook Group already in place, the Passione Ricmao Fairy Mistery SAL 2012 – 2013 (yes complete with typo – ooops) but they do have a heap of information already in place and it’s being run by Laura’s model stitcher for this SAL so extra tidbits are forthcoming.

As can be seen above and in the sneak peek on the official sign up page the fairy/goddess will have dark hair and the whole project will be predominantly blues and purples. In the official materials list that you receive when you sign up, the suggested fabric is either a white or an off-white.  However Laura often uses Polstitches fabrics for her models so when prompted, she listed the following Polstitches fabrics as suitable for this SAL:

  • Pearl
  • Delicate Roses
  • Dawn Chorus
  • Moonlight
  • Dusk
  • Summer Breeze
  • Rumbles of Thunder
  •  Taboo
  • Rustic Rhubarb
  • Awakening
  • Angel Dust
  • Snow Queen


There will be 9 cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braids and 2,500  Mill Hill beads (yes over 2000 – the vast majority being “Brilliant Orchid” or purple as I call it) as well as the usual DMC or Venus threads.

So fabrics fabrics …. I’m tossing up between Dawn Chorus and Awkening.  Any thoughts?

For those interested, the purchase and signup page is here.

Passione Ricamo - Medieval Enchantment

Passione Ricamo - Prosperity Fae









I was looking at the Passione Ricamo site for today’s Project-a-Day, an older Passione Ricamo design as it happens and I noticed that Laura has most of the charts for sale at over 50% off.

As she says in her blog:

Do you remember the flood inside of my showroom and warehouse in February?

Well, now, after the flowering of the walls and ceiling for the mold to dry slowly go, I have to completely vacate my show room and the warehouse, but I do not know when I can reuse them.

In all this, I’m bringing home all the pictures, and charts I can, unfortunately it is now absolutely clear to me that I must sell all  as a stock, with a very very low price, to evacuate … for obvious reasons: the studio with the store is as big as my house, 100 square meters, and it is obvious that I can not physically keep us all the goodies into my home……

She has a lot of restoration and building work to be done in her show room and warehouse that could take months, and in the meantime she has nowhere to store her stock, so sale time it is!

I don’t know if the premises were owned or leased, but I suspect Laura would appreciate a nice cash injection from a good sale too! The sale is on from now until 30 June 2012.

I’ve definitely got my eye on some charts (including her latest) if we have some money and the Aussie dollar has risen when we get back from the endocrinologist in early June.

Looks like everyone is getting into the fairytale theme at the moment 🙂

I love this new design from Passione Ricamo.

Read more about it at her blog:


Medieval Enchantment by Passione Ricamo

Just noodling around the net this week I discovered the following new (to me) freebie charts that I loved and thought I’d share as I know some of you (not looking at anyone in particular) share some of my tastes and it’s not like we all have too many things to stitch already.
Being just a few days before Valentine’s day you can imagine the theme of some of these:

Passione 2012

Valentine 2012 by Passione Ricamo

Passione Ricamo put out her annual Valentine’s design (right before her studio was inundated by a storm – poor thing). At present I find this design, although elegant, too mushy for me. I’m including it, because I will find it lovely and perfect next time I fall in love. Yes I’m serious.


Avec Amour by Dovestitch

Dovestitch have also put out a Valentine’s freebie, this one is more like it. Some obvious material goods, stitched on a nice hand-dyed black background. Does my sassy side good to see a design like that!  I’m really tempted to stitch this!


A Cupcake a Day by Dovestitch

While I was one the Dovestitch site I saw the Free design A Cupcake a Day.  As long as they are gluten-free I think I might adopt this as my new motto for the year.

Darth Vader Cookies by Dorkstitch

And finally I have no idea how I have not stumbled across this chart before.  Thanks Dork Stitch!

So what fabulous freebies have you found lately?  Tempt me!

Passione Ricamo® -Counted Cross Stitch Designs.

Just because I’m on a stash diet doesn’t mean I can’t point these out to other people, right? Right?

{fiddles with fingers}

{goes to hide wallet and eat chocolate}

Back later ….

I purchased Reindeer Games: The Huddle and the Celtic Cat notecards from Tracy last month. When Parcel number 2 finally arrived (parcel number 1 is still lost somehwere) it contained all of these goodies!

A Beautiful handmade card, A “Practice Safe Hex” badge
A beautiful red and silver heart fob
The Inkcircles chart: Smell of Sulfur
Some gorgeous Carries Threads in *my* sorts of colours: Epiphany, Jewel of the Nile, Wildfire, Thanksgiving, Green and Wild Orchid!
Inkcircles chart: Mother Maya (which I am tempted to stitch in Wildfire!)
Inkcircles Celtic Beasties: Christmas … or Knot (one of my all-time favourite charts)
Inkcircles Much Heralded Sampler (which includes all the medieval motifs I adore!)
And finally some MEL chocolate (90% bitter) I can’t wait to try it!!!!

Thank you so much Tracy! This is completely unexpected and just like you to be so generous! Thank you so much my friend!

Presents cards etc that are stitching related or from stitching friends for Christmas 2009.

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