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I’m in a roll. Even with killer migraine. Will iron and take photos in the daylight later.



Before and after photos. Have no idea if anyone else can tell the difference, but I’m happier I have unpicked and restitched.

13 Nov 2013

Mistakes everywhere

13 Nov 2013


Well we made it all through January and a project was posted every single day. Once or twice they were posted at 10pm at night, but they made it in that 24 hour window.  Something that deep down I was not expecting 🙂 Let’s see if we get through February 🙂

Organising Bug:

I also discovered this month while posting these (and breaking my inventory and shopping list database) that this project is also helping me to:

  • correctly inventory my stash
  • physically organise my stash
  • prioritize my stitching queue
  • review my wips and kitted up items
  • declutter the items that I’ve grown apart from
  • refine my spending habits
  • rewrite my wish lists in order of my stitching queue

Post Office:

I’m a very slow on my posting out as I’ve been in too much ill-health to leave the house lately, but as a result of the Project-a-day, I have packaged up ready to go to the Post Office:

  • Generations: The Locket – to Theresa
  • Baroque Angel – to Anna
  • Two Mirabilia Queens – to Laura (promised how long ago?)
  • New York – to Chele (promised while I was stitching it)
  • a packet of Tim Tams  – to Tina (for finding a discontinued thread for Aurora Polaris)
  • a packet of Tim Tams – to Laura (for loads of blog comments on a day I needed cheering up

This is on top of the mailing that went out earlier in the month:

  • Hell’s Gatekeeper – to Barbara
  • Dear Santa – to Terry
  • Birthday floss club – to Michele (already arrived – yay!)
  • assorted RAKs that haven’t landed so I’m not mentioning

January Review of Decisions:

Gilt Star really isn’t going to rise high enough in my priority list to stitch. Even when typing up the listing on the day, I was in two minds whether to keep it or offer it out. I discussed the series of Celtic Gilt Pillows with mum that night.  I have other Landmark charts in my stash that I would rather stitch first.  The result is that one chart went into mum’s stash, one chart I dithered over and wanted to put back into my stash for a decision to be made next time it is randomly chosen, so it and the two others (including Gilt Star) have been wrapped as a present and will be sent as a RAK next time I go to the Post Office.

Puzzle. I’ve mulled over this one since I first posted it (and actually studied the chart directions and details for the first time). I agree with the commenters that this design will not achieve the illusion I thought it would. Couple that with the poor directions and my Swiss Cheese brain, and I wanted to throw this one back into stash and think on it next time it is randomly chosen. Again, if I’m thinking like that, then this chart is not for me.  As can be seen this month, I have more than enough charts that happily satisfy my stitching needs without agonising over a chart that maybe will or maybe wont do what I want, so I’m releasing this one.  Free to good home.  Visit the Puzzle page for the next week to comment if you love this chart.

Mar Bek charts.  Rather than waiting for these to come out one at a time, I’m going to go through all of my Mar Bek charts tonight with mum and put up a list tomorrow of all the items that no longer call to me. Not sure how many there will be, but as I first mentioned them on via this blog, I will offer the rest of them out to people via this blog. Check back tomorrow for details.


The Stitching Wish Lists are in a state of flux at the moment since I broke my inventory and shopping database and am slowly recreating them via the Project-a-Day.  The Wish Lists on the Multiply Blog are accurate.  Items are being removed as they are being added to the WishLists on this blog above or they are no longer needed.  New items are NOT being added to the Multiply pages.

As charts are being RAKed to me, or as they come up in the Project-A-Day, I am adding their details to my new improved database and to the Wish Lists in the drop down menus on this blog.  I hope by the end of the year, to be using these Wish Lists exclusively and to have closed down the Multiply Lists. As can be seen I’m a little behind at present ….

How many months has it been this time 🙂

Back in July-August sometime I finished a JAR designs Christmasproject as a model stitch for Colours Down Under. It was a great little project – stitched up in under a week (it took me nearly three weeks to get it beaded though!)  Unfortunately I didn’t realise until recently that the batteries in my camera were low when I took photos of this one – so I’ll put up a better picture when the I next see the bell pull in Colours Down Under shop.

After that, I stitched the little Inkcircles Halloween design from the 2010 JCS Halloween issue. I stitched it on a piece of Colours Down Under handyed 32ct jobelan. I have enough of the same piece to do up Inkcircles Masquerade when that chart comes in.  I originally thought that the Halloween freebie was a companion piece from Masquerade, but now I realise its actually a small piece of the whole design – oh well. 

Edit: This was completely wrong!  I received a copy of the chart as a surprise in the mail today – thank you so much Tracy!!!  And now that I can see it closely – I see there are differences, the Halloween small is indeed a complementary chart!

I stitched my version with Glow-in-the-Dark thread for the moon, but my little camera isn’t good enough to photograph the luminescence, so you’ll have to take my word for it that the moon looks awesome in the dark – especially as the branches look like assisi work 🙂

Then as a break, I started some canvas work needlepoint. Big chunky 18ct plastic canvas!  I’ve stitched up four of the Needle Delights Colour Delights series so far.

Tangerine was the first I stitched. I adored the different threads and the different types of stitches used!  

Cocoa took two weeks to stitch – my doctor had me on a completely caffeine-free diet for two weeks. That included no chocolate, so I stitched Cocoa instead. 

Pumpkin was so much fun – I loved that it started in the corner and radiated outwards. This was the first one that i didn’t need to double check I had it the right way up.

Bubblegum (gasp its pink!) I survived 🙂

I’ve now stated Indigo. Its another concentric one like Tangerine.  I’m halfway around it and discovered that I’ve already turned it 90 degrees but meh – no-one will know I hope.

Each of these have had small issues, one chart didn’t specify which thread to use in one of the rows, another kit had a couple of threads left out. Indigo has a Watercolour and a Waterlilies the same colour and I used the wrong one, so had to frog and use the other.  But these are small inconveniences. 

All in all – I’m having a lot of fun with these and I think I will do a heap more and eventually finish them into a wall hanging. I have a lot of different black fabric (black wool, black cotton damask etc) from my sewing days, so I thought I would use that to make the wall hanging from – each of these colours (even the indigo) will stand out on the black.

Not much stitching at all done this week I’m afraid.  Busy at work, Christmas things, power outage and migraines all conspired against me 🙂

The only stitching I did this week was this cute little small.  After all of the gift stitching I thought I’d add one tiny piece in for myself.  I actually stitched just about all of this on Thursday afternoon/evening sitting in my front garden waiting for the electricity to come back on.

Good?  Is in my 2008 Finished Album.

Also in there are the framed versions of Coffin Buzz and Verdi.

Zoom in on Coffin Buzz – I am quite pleased how this monster came out.  It is huge by the way – 20″ x 24″.  I had no idea this little piece would frame up so big.

The framer was fast – he framed all four pieces within a week – but I left the other two pieces there until next payday so I can finish paying for them:)

Only other news is I’m now subscribed to this and Debbie so very kindly RAKed me with the kit minus the fabric.  Mariann – want to SAL with us on this one?

This week I’m back to BoInk trying to stay ahead of the pack while getting through a full workweek, preparing the house for visitors and doing the last of the Christmas shopping …. arrrrgh!

Now back to your regularly scheduled serenity ….

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