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On a happier note, my stitching bug seems to have returned in the new place.  So far in 2013 I have finished:

Finished, not ironed.

My Big Toe – Cheaper than Therapy



Imaginating – Meowry Christmice



Cross Eyed Kat – Angle of Love

As well as finishing all of these wonderful WIPs (chosen by you – the readers on that side of the computer) I have also started two pieces.

This is to be my travelling piece for when I visit JulieD for a Stitching afternoon.

Mystery start

Mystery start

Any ideas which project it is?

Finally, I have started a new SAL: 2013 Woodland Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

This is NOT my usual style of project.  This company promotes themselves as “seriously cute patterns”. However for the first time in years, a pattern and a company has caught Claire’s imagination and she is wanting to stitch again, so I said I would stitch along with her.

This is a monthly mystery sampler and as my last cross stitch purchase before moving, I bought the kit for this piece.  Unfortunately the kit was popular and back ordered so it only arrived this week.

I immediately threw out the fabric (I have a problem with beige) and substituted a light blue.  Mr I Ain’t Dead Yet was here at the time and agreed that the colours looked better on the blue. At this point I’ve just started the little box borders …..

12 Feb 2013

12 Feb 2013

The SAL can be bought here if you are interested in joining us.  We have been teasing Rosanne mercilessly who is convinced she doesn’t need another WIP.  What does need have to do with it I ask you?

In other stitching news, I’ve removed Turple from the list of WIPs.  I’ve had some inspiration of how I want to stitch that one and it involves unstitching and restitching the work I’ve started.

The March Poll looks interesting Cirque des Cercles and Dragon Feathers Afghan are tied in the lead.  Both meaty projects that wont be finished within a month!

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to.  Hmmmm ….. 6:30 pm – so much for cleaning the house today …..

Time for dinner.


Well Week 2 has come and gone and so far I’m still on track 🙂

Mum has become quite enthusiastic about the project and is the current “random chooser” each day.  She walks into the craft room, selects a box or folder at random, closes her eyes and plunges her hand in. What comes out is the Project of the Day.

When give me the chart she also informs me whether I’m “allowed” to give the chart away. This is before I’ve even seen which chart it is 🙂 I guess if we ever disagree that project will go into mum’s stash instead 🙂 or perhaps become a stitched present for her.

What do you think of the random selections?  Is there another way you think I should do this?  Should I include charts from magazines and books? I have hundreds of magazines in my stash too as well as a few books …

Updates on previous Projects:

3 Jan: Forever Love – still dithering on whether to use the 32ct mottled blue linen.

5 Jan: The Great Escape – technically a WIP. I still have to actually start this again.

10 Jan: Hell’s Gatekeeper – in the international mail to new home.

12 Jan: Generations: The Locket – comments close in three days.

14 Jan: Baroque Angel – comments close in five days.

15 Jan: Meowry Christmice – an actual WIP. I started this yesterday.

In other news, I’m thinking the “Project of the Day” should have a catchier name. Any suggestions?  The closest I could come to was “Mel’s Stash Dive” but that has no ring to it and could go sooo wrong so easily – also has nothing in it to indicate that is a Project-a-Day.

So while I’m a complete failure as a Marketing Guru, I’m hoping someone else can come with some ideas. I know some of you play with words … what have you got?  And be nice please 🙂

Any other thoughts, ideas, changes, improvements you would like to see on the Project-A-Day?

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