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Oh what a wonderful wonderful stitchy week! Two finishes and so many presents! Earlier this week Deborah Sharp, oh I mean “Eeyore”, RAKed me with a wonderful spiderweb chart from Bev Lovethythread.

Along Came a Spider Love Thy Thread

Deborah Sharp

Today I received a package in the mail from Deb Koch of Stitches N Things. A while ago I won a the AuryTM chart from the Norden Crafts Ltd. giveaway and asked them to send it to Stitches n Things for me. I added a couple of other charts to the order (so Deb would not be paying international mailing costs for nothing) and waited. Unfortunately FB did a fairly standard muckaround and Katy from Norden’s didn’t get my message of where to send my free chart. So I missed out. I didn’t realize and rectify in time – totally my fault. So I told Deb at Stitches n Things to send on my order of the couple of charts anyway.

Today, this parcel arrived in the mail !!!! Deb gave me the AuryTM chart for free !!!! I am utterly gobsmacked !!! Thank you thank you thank you Deb !!!! Thank you thank you !!

Stitches n Things

Deb Koch

And finally, I just came in from opening the mail and found I had won another chart from Nordens! Mariposa from Threedles!! I’m definitely getting this one sent to Stitches N Things – Deb is getting a lot of my (admittedly small) business from now on just because she is such a wonderful person !!!!

OK I’m throwing in the towel and calling Skeleton Crew done!

I’ve completely finished off the middle mast.  I’ve finished the bottom of the boat and the skeleton.  I really don’t know whether to stitch the sea serpent in one thread or two, so I’m going to chicken out and leave it unstitched. I’m going to leave it for the next person to decide what to do. Maybe their stitches are plumper than mine and it wont be that much of issue for them 🙂  Right Sisu??   Sisu?  Friend?  Buddy?  Pal ….

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew Cover Picture

Skeleton Crew Chart Cover

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew

Laura's Round Robin as it arrived to me

Skeleton Crew after I'm finished

We are going to have one more look at it in the dark tonight ( it looks soooo cooool in the dark!) and then carefully check and remove all trace of cat hair and pack it up tomorrow to go in the mail on Monday.

At least with Abby not taking as much interest in my stitching as Trubs did, there wont be as much cat hair to be removed …

Well Skeleton Crew is still providing headaches.  I’m working on the middle mast and everything is lining up! YAY!  That’s not the problem. Everything is where it should be.

The problem is that my stitches don’t look anywhere near as plump as everyone elses.  I’ve tried loosening my tension but that just looks horrid. Glow in the Dark thread does not forgive loose stitching, it has a spring in it like metallic thread does.

I think it’s related to the fact that I stitch backwards to everyone else so I’ve been stitching 90 degrees so my stitches go the same way.  When you turn the piece sideways my stitches do look as plump, but not when you look straight on.  I’m perplexed.

So I’ve left it alone for a day or two to think about it.

Skeleton Crew Cross-Eyed Cricket

Skeleton Crew Middle Mast

In other news I’ve moved across another two months of old 2006 posts so we have June and July 2006 now.  I do apologise to those who receive this blog on email subscription, I do not know how to turn off the email notifications for the older posts 🙁 Any suggestions from more experienced WordPress users?

I’ve also uploaded a few WIP galleries for pieces I was working on in the first half of 2006 an I’ve started moving across some of the my finished pieces photos.  That gallery will be a work in progress itself for a while to come 🙂

Anyway feel free to have a look through the old posts or the galleries at any time.  The galleries are listed on the top right hand side of the widget area.

Only other area of stitching interest is that I’ve uploaded some photos into the appropriate Google plus area for one of the sneaky Christmas presents I’m working on.  Mum and I did some floss tosses yesterday and these are available for anyone in that circle to comment on.

Now back to figuring out figuring out what to do with Skeleton Crew … maybe I’ll go and bake a loaf of bread.

Well its the next morning and I believe the gremlins have been banished.

The piece has sat in view of Abby all night but there’s nary a cat hair on it so I believe the gremlins have been scared off.  I suspect Skylla frightened them off and they’ve taken one look at Abby and decided not to return – so we should be safe from here on in!

I’ve frogged the sea serpent across the bottom and started stitching it in the correct placement.  It was probably in the correct place when it was first started, but with so many areas being frogged and moved on this project, the poor sea serpent is now out of alignment so I’ve unstitched him and started him again.

Unfortunately, stitching him in the correct place in just one thread of glow-in-the-dark floss, I think he might blend in with the background a little.  So I’m waiting on confirmation from the project’s owner before I continue.

Skeleton Crew Cross-Eyed Cricket

With Flash

Skeleton Crew  Cross-Eyed Cricket

Without Flash

In the meantime, I think I might climb the mast and stitch the lookout ….


Well after a couple of weeks of not feeling hygienic enough to touch stitching, I finally felt well enough yesterday to pick up Skeleton Crew to start stitching my part of the Round Robin.

I thought I’d start on the Sea Serpent across the bottom of the chart.  It was already started and I just needed to continue it on  – right ??  Right ????

Life doesn’t work that simply for Mel this year.  Mel should have known it was a trap.  She started stitching and the discovered something was deeply awry ….

The serpent was out of alignment and my stitching looked thinner than the previous section. This required some investigation.  Perusing back through journal entries from previous round robiners a pattern emerges …. a goblin has been stalking this project.

Each entry seems eerily similar … started stitching, found the previous section was out by 10 or 12 stitches, this is sooo unlike stitcher X, she is always so careful. I’ve unstitched and restitched section B and stitched section C.

And now its my turn.  Its obvious.  A gremlin is stalking the package and restitching whole sections while it is en route to make it wrong.  This is baaaad.  I will leave the project out overnight where Abby can keep watch ….

I hope a gremlin snack doesn’t give her indigestion ….


This is what Laura’s Round Robin looked like when it arrived last night.  It’s already been stitched on by (including it’s owner) five of the seven people in our International Round Robin.

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew

So I aim to finish the middle mast and across the bottom of the boat and under the boat.  This would just leave the front mast for the last person to stitch.  Well that’s the aim.  We’ll see how it goes and how fast/slow I can stitch and how many issues there are.  I’m already worried that there’s no a lot of framing margin left around the edges…

Think positive!

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew Cover Picture

Well I may be moving, but some charts I ordered a while ago have finally arrived in today’s mail :)


Cricket Collection:
My Brother’s Dragon

Hugs all


Ruritania P World of S

Floss Toss 2

Well I finally did it today – I drove the two hours each way to Katoomba to visit an actual bricks and mortar LNS. I visited Karen @ dragonflydreams.

Paul was supposed to come with me, but changed his mind at the last minute. Oh well I went by myself anyway. Karen’s changed premises in the last couple of weeks and her new shop is really really well laid out! And lots of Chatelaine’s on the walls. Karen is her Australian distributor – oh did I drool!

I picked up (had already ordered and paid for):
St. Sylvestre – Long Dog
Pirate Treasure – Lynne Nicoletti
Skeleton Crew – Cross-Eyed Cricket
Coffee, Chocolate & Men – Waxing Moon designs
All the Gentle Art threads for Coffee Chocolate men.

I bought today:
Why is it – Cross eyed cricket
Here be dragons – dragon dreams
Size 26 Gold plated John James petites
Size 28 Piecemaker needles

I figured it was about time I invested in some good needles and will try both brands to see which I prefer.

I also bought 4 more threads as possible matches for Paul’s monogrammed birthday present. I’ve included a scan of the floss toss here. Any comments gratefully received !!!!!!!!!

As Paul was not with me, I only bought one skein of each and will wait until Paul decides what he wants before buying more.

The four colours in the scan are:
Distant Hills – Caron Waterlillies
Seaweed – Gloriana
Jewel of the Nile – Needle Necessities
Bejeweled – Crescent Colours

any comments?

Also seeing as I was going so far in one day, I stopped by a nearby chocolate shop and had the most heavenly hot mocha coffee that has ever passed my lips! Also I consumed a piece of heavenly flour-less chocolate and raspberry cake. I was feeling most mellow while consuming these!

Then I went further down the same road and stopped at Echo Point – a rather famous Australian tourist spot where you can clearly see the wide expanse of the Blue Mountains and the famous Three Sisters rock formation. I was planning on bringing my camera so I could practice using it, but I completely forgot it! I am so kicking myself for forgetting it!!!!

I actually walked for an hour around most of the lookouts in that area. I even walked down about a third of the very very steep stairs to the base of the three sisters, but then I chickened out and came back up! A very strenuous walk, and then just the drive home.

All in all an indulgent day out – which I really needed without spending too much money!

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