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Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – exulted reputation achieved! Nothing required for this week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Waiting on “Summer Amuses” winner to contact me with address.
  • All other give away charts that have been claimed are in the mail.
  • Continue adding floss to inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.
  • Review, check links and images on Jan-Mar posts.

Main Blog:

  • Write Mother’s Day post
  • Write Blackie post
  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


Due to a combination of medical issues and just sitting around the house all day I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things, so I’m writing this post mainly for myself, but I’m putting it here in case there’s stuff I’m missing or its obvious to others that I’m focusing in the wrong areas, etc.  Anyway it’s a work in progress and I’m adding things as I think of them. It’s lunch time and I’ve done a bit of hard work this morning so the brain is already fogging up.

Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – should have exulted reputation by the end of the week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Keep up with writing posts.
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Send out promised “Given away” charts.
  • Restart inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.

Main Blog:

  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Wednesday Wobble questions and reminder posts for all of May have been written for The Stitching Hangout 🙂
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


OK I’m throwing in the towel and calling Skeleton Crew done!

I’ve completely finished off the middle mast.  I’ve finished the bottom of the boat and the skeleton.  I really don’t know whether to stitch the sea serpent in one thread or two, so I’m going to chicken out and leave it unstitched. I’m going to leave it for the next person to decide what to do. Maybe their stitches are plumper than mine and it wont be that much of issue for them 🙂  Right Sisu??   Sisu?  Friend?  Buddy?  Pal ….

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew Cover Picture

Skeleton Crew Chart Cover

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew

Laura's Round Robin as it arrived to me

Skeleton Crew after I'm finished

We are going to have one more look at it in the dark tonight ( it looks soooo cooool in the dark!) and then carefully check and remove all trace of cat hair and pack it up tomorrow to go in the mail on Monday.

At least with Abby not taking as much interest in my stitching as Trubs did, there wont be as much cat hair to be removed …

Well its the next morning and I believe the gremlins have been banished.

The piece has sat in view of Abby all night but there’s nary a cat hair on it so I believe the gremlins have been scared off.  I suspect Skylla frightened them off and they’ve taken one look at Abby and decided not to return – so we should be safe from here on in!

I’ve frogged the sea serpent across the bottom and started stitching it in the correct placement.  It was probably in the correct place when it was first started, but with so many areas being frogged and moved on this project, the poor sea serpent is now out of alignment so I’ve unstitched him and started him again.

Unfortunately, stitching him in the correct place in just one thread of glow-in-the-dark floss, I think he might blend in with the background a little.  So I’m waiting on confirmation from the project’s owner before I continue.

Skeleton Crew Cross-Eyed Cricket

With Flash

Skeleton Crew  Cross-Eyed Cricket

Without Flash

In the meantime, I think I might climb the mast and stitch the lookout ….


Well after a couple of weeks of not feeling hygienic enough to touch stitching, I finally felt well enough yesterday to pick up Skeleton Crew to start stitching my part of the Round Robin.

I thought I’d start on the Sea Serpent across the bottom of the chart.  It was already started and I just needed to continue it on  – right ??  Right ????

Life doesn’t work that simply for Mel this year.  Mel should have known it was a trap.  She started stitching and the discovered something was deeply awry ….

The serpent was out of alignment and my stitching looked thinner than the previous section. This required some investigation.  Perusing back through journal entries from previous round robiners a pattern emerges …. a goblin has been stalking this project.

Each entry seems eerily similar … started stitching, found the previous section was out by 10 or 12 stitches, this is sooo unlike stitcher X, she is always so careful. I’ve unstitched and restitched section B and stitched section C.

And now its my turn.  Its obvious.  A gremlin is stalking the package and restitching whole sections while it is en route to make it wrong.  This is baaaad.  I will leave the project out overnight where Abby can keep watch ….

I hope a gremlin snack doesn’t give her indigestion ….


This is what Laura’s Round Robin looked like when it arrived last night.  It’s already been stitched on by (including it’s owner) five of the seven people in our International Round Robin.

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew

So I aim to finish the middle mast and across the bottom of the boat and under the boat.  This would just leave the front mast for the last person to stitch.  Well that’s the aim.  We’ll see how it goes and how fast/slow I can stitch and how many issues there are.  I’m already worried that there’s no a lot of framing margin left around the edges…

Think positive!

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew Cover Picture

Well it’s a very small stitching update …

I’ve put needle to thread every single day for the last three weeks on Mariann’s Round Robin and unfortunately all I’ve managed is three motifs … well almost three motifs … as can be seen the clown is still headless …

There’s a few hundred stitches there and in some other Round Robins that might be considered OK progress, unfortunately Mariann’s project is HUGE:

See that line there on the bottom left, that’s where my little three motifs get added in.  They don’t even fill the line across 🙁  This is straight simple cross stitch in DMC on linen. I had big plans to great swathes of this project.  But it wasn’t to be.  After three weeks of daily torture I’ve managed to grind out three motifs.

As I’m already two months behind in sending this on (thanks to the migraines/move across the country etc).  I am officially giving up.  This is the most disappointed I’ve been on any of my round robin work, but I’m passing it on to the next person.  Sisu it’s going in the mail today.


Well I spent the majority of this week with a migraine, so not much output.  Also going back to work today so oh well, holidays are always fun while they last 🙂

One big personal milestone for me this week was making the final payment and closing the personal loan I have had for nearly 10 years.  The loan was first taken out to finance my car, one month before my marriage ended. Not the nest timing in hindsight. It’s also been rejigged to cover various house moves, interstate moves, furniture acquisition etc, but now at long last it is gone from my life.  Now to pay back the interest-free loans and the credit card. The plan to be debt-free by October is working.

Also I have lost another kilogram (2 pounds) this week. So far, the diet and exercise are working; I’m not following any particular diet, just eating meat, veggies a little fruit, dairy and nuts. I’ve removed all processed food from my diet and combined with getting on the wii fit each day, this is working to the extent I need it to.

Another milestone was my first finish for the year.  The Britty Kitty piece annoyed me so much (Listen to Auntie Mel: NEVER put your pieces away with the mistake still in it, ALWAYS frog out your mistakes!) that I spent far too long in frogging and putting it right as it turned out there were multiple mistakes and in hindsight (glorious hindsight), it would have been easier and faster to have just started the project again!  Anyway once it was back in shipshape I decided to devote another day to it, and I finished it off. This project will plague me no longer!  The progress album is here and my 2011 Finishes album is here.

THe majority of this week, I was stitching on Rosanne’s Round Robin.  Code named Big Blue Beast it certainly is big and has gorgeous blue/green floss choices.  I’ll include a pic when I have more stitched on it.

While at Colours Down Under on Friday an order from a supplier than had been sent sea freight had finally landed.  So I bought a couple of charts and kitted them up there and then – so that was my splurge for paying off the loan.  No chatelaine’s, just a couple of charts I admired from an Online Needlework Show last year,

One of them demanded to be started right away, so it now has a couple of stitches in.  I’m currently trying to smother it down the back of the lounge while I’m working to get the Round robin finished and onto the next person, but it’s screaming loudly.  Anyway the floss toss is here in case anyone would like to guess what it is 🙂



Julie’s Round Robin is Alchemical Romance by Inkcircles.

As you can see she has changed the background quite considerably.  She has also asked us to use whatever floss we feel best fits each alchemical symbol. Julie asked me to work the middle to allow everyone that comes after me the widest possible choice 🙂

This was so much fun to work on!

The middle nine symbols are all varying symbols for gold. So I took the project to Colours Down Under where Janine, Kathy and I played floss toss with just about every gold shade of floss in the shop 🙂

I wanted a variety of shades of gold: yellow gold, white gold rose gold etc.  I wanted a variety of matt vs shiny threads and I wanted a variety of textures – metallics, silks, cotton and wool.

Janine and Kathy put their considerable colour-matching skills to work and selected the shades that work best together.

So the threads used (left to right, top to bottom) are:

Top Row:
Rainbow Galley Petite Braid 01 Bright Gold
Gentle Art Simply Wool 0420-W Gold Leaf
Rainbow Galley Petite Braid 37 Dark Antique Gold

Middle Row:
Madeira Silk 2208
Kreinik Cord 102C Vatican Gold
Thread Gatherer Silk ‘n Colours SNC 175 Straw into Gold

Bottom Row:
Rainbow Gallery Tiara T119 Peach
Gentle Art Sampler Threads 0420 Gold Leaf
Rainbow Gallery Tiara T118 Gold

The Tiara thread was quite thick, as its used in needlepoint, not counted cross stitch. The Kreinik Cord, although I used two strands, was quite thin and may need to be re-done with three or four threads or perhaps back-stitched.

Either way, I feel I’ve achieved my range of colours, faceting and textures that I was aiming for.

This project is now winging its way to Sisu.

It is September, time to send those Round Robins on (if you haven’t done so already) 🙂

I believe we have Laura joining us now so the rotation is:

Mariann — Rosanne — Kay — Julie — Mel — Sisu — Laura

Is this correct?

I finished off my part of Julie’s RR last weekend and posted it onto to Sisu on Friday.  Julie’s ideas on Alchemical Romance are lots of fun.  I admit I spent far more time choosing floss and doing floss tosses than I did actual stitching!

I’ll write more when I can get my freaking laptop and my freaking camera to freaking talk to each other {pant, pant}. And I will have some photos to share.

So how’s everyone else going with their first round?

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