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It is now evening and I have seen the GP at the Northside Clinic.  He is quite happy to take me on as a patient.  He was a little surprised at the reactions I’ve been getting from other doctors around here and he diplomatically suggested they may have been a little “unimaginative”.

I feel really comfortable and assured with him. I’ve already signed forms so he can approach my former GP for a full case history of drug trials and approaches that have already been used on my migraine. He will speak with my endocrinologist and about my case and ascertain directly from her why we are using the Zoladex and what she expects him to manage in my case over the next four months.

He’s confident in his abilities to implant the Zoladex as he has used in on patients before, just not for migraines, usually for cancer-related treatments.

I think life is looking up again!

For dinner tonight I chose smoked salmon and fresh goat’s cheese on toast (haven’t yet found gluten-free bagels).  I embarrassed the boys with my moans of gastronomic delight.  I’m getting my taste for food back again!

My supplies for the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL arrived in the mail today, so just a floss toss to choose between the fabrics and I’ll be set to go on 1 July.  JulieD should I bring these over on Saturday?

Finally I’ve decided to restart the Project-a-Day blog with renewed vigour. As a couple of the regular readers have pointed out, the blog is useful for introducing many designers and designs that have not been recent household names. And frankly what kind of Enabling Royalty would I be if I stopped my main source of enabling 🙂

Stand by for a new Project post to be started as soon as this post is published.  And a round of new cover pages to be scanned in tomorrow …..

Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – exulted reputation achieved! Nothing required for this week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Waiting on “Summer Amuses” winner to contact me with address.
  • All other give away charts that have been claimed are in the mail.
  • Continue adding floss to inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.
  • Review, check links and images on Jan-Mar posts.

Main Blog:

  • Write Mother’s Day post
  • Write Blackie post
  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


Due to a combination of medical issues and just sitting around the house all day I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things, so I’m writing this post mainly for myself, but I’m putting it here in case there’s stuff I’m missing or its obvious to others that I’m focusing in the wrong areas, etc.  Anyway it’s a work in progress and I’m adding things as I think of them. It’s lunch time and I’ve done a bit of hard work this morning so the brain is already fogging up.

Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – should have exulted reputation by the end of the week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Keep up with writing posts.
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Send out promised “Given away” charts.
  • Restart inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.

Main Blog:

  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Wednesday Wobble questions and reminder posts for all of May have been written for The Stitching Hangout 🙂
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


Snail mail ....

What with Easter and the flu and Tiger, April was pretty much of a blur for me. I managed to get the Project-a-Day posts written each day, but I haven’t kept up with reading and replying to all of the comments and I’m sorry for that. I plan to do a little blog tidy up and catch up each day this month.

To start, I’m off to the Post Office this afternoon with:

  • Dad’s Birthday present
  • Ocean’s Daughter to Deb
  • Jenny’s birthday present from the old Stitch Specialists’ Birthday group
  • DVDs to Stephen

. I’ve also just sent out emails asking for postal addresses to send off:

Also just a reminder that the following charts are still available free to a good home if people are interested. I usually only send one per person:

Now what else have I promised to send to people who I haven’t yet done so?  Please don’t be shy to remind me.  I know I have memory issues and need reminding if things fall through the cracks or fall off my To Do lists.  And these Lists have fallen apart!

Well last week’s update was a Thursday and Friendly Stitcher’s updates seem to be on a Thursday so Thursday I guess it is.

Two major derailment this week, Diablo III and the flu.  We are a plague house at present so thinking and typing through a head cold and a migraine, well let’s just say that I’ve managed to re-watch the entire of Season One of Murdoch Mysteries this week!

I received an invite to the Diablo III beta test as part of my World of Warcraft Annual Pass and, not having played the game before in any of its previous incarnations, nor bothering to read anything about it, I jumped straight in.  Four hours later, I emerged.  I then spent a number of days chatting and reading on the forums understanding how the game was supposed to work versus how I was playing it. For example I learned that single point-of-view was a feature of the game, not simply me not figuring out how to pan the camera angle 🙂   Final conclusion, will continue to play this as a “casual” game when it comes out in its proper format and would LOVE to find some friends to try the game as a group rather than solo.

Mum’s been off work. She’s in an “if you don’t go to work you don’t get paid” job which is ridiculous in a respite and health care worker for elderly, disabled and otherwise frail people. If mum goes to work with a cold, some of her patients can get pneumonia and die. She cannot just take a few over-the-counter meds and work through it, she must take the health of her patients into account.Also this week I had a number of very long and extremely polite  phone calls with Centrelink until they eventually decided that yes I was to be put back onto sickness benefits until after the specialists visit in June. I’ve also caught mum’s cold.  So life here has not been a bundle of laughs.

So no stitching on a secret project. No stashing. Stashing and spending hiatus again. Until Mum’s fully back at work we don’t know if we can afford the trip the Melbourne.

But this week, even with the flu developing and looking after Mrs Cranky-Pants all week, I did manage to get some stitching in.  Last night I finally finished Part One of Mouse’s Dawn of Spring SAL.

Dawn of Spring - Part 1 completed

This is stitched on a piece of untitled Dovestitch evenweave given to me by Tina last year.  I’ve stitched it as follows:

First row: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)
Second Row: Bane Berry (Vicky Clayton)
Third Row Crossed Cushion Stitch: Camouflage (Caron Wildflowers)
Third Row Smyrna Crosses: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)

I also noticed this week that I’ve written over 100 posts on Project-a-Day. Today’s post, when I get it written, will be post 110.  Wow!  I had no idea I had written that many!

Finally I must give a shout-out to the girls on Stitching Hangout, especially Sisu, Kay, Katie and Cyn who decided that as a Goth Tigger I needed a Pretty Pink Dress to wear, and recommended these …..

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Lolita Dress

Hideous Dress 1

They were egged on by Melissa, Tina, Lana, Colleen, Alana, Rae, Deb and Niina who all voted on which of these I should acquire (all of them, one said!)  Ha! It was all a plot by the Pink Brigade!  I see it all now! I’m not paranoid!  Who’s paranoid?  Who said that?  Where’s the pink? No more pink!!!!!!

Seriously, thanks for the laughs in the last few days ladies, I didn’t mention anything on list, but I really really needed the mental boost 🙂

So this week, to continue the Project-a-Day, Mouse’s SAL will probably be set aside until I’m over the flu as I need to concentrate to graph in my initials, so it looks like it’s back to my other Blue piece Turple!

OK I think I’ve turned this into three or four different posts – so I’m going to trim and edit and put this back to just a stitching update and publish it and then have a go at the other things I want to say in other posts – because it’s now Thursday late-morning and I still haven’t posted my Tuesday stitching update.  So KISS principle.

I didn’t get as much stitching done as I wanted this past week, but with the nephews here this past weekend that wasn’t a surprise.  I did learn this week of two designers passing away.  Debbie Draper of Debbie Draper Designs passed away on the weekend and Carol Bristow of Carol’s Needle Sketches passed away last month.

Debbie died of a heart attack and Carol’s blogging of her stitching projects implies that her death was also unexpected. It’s a sobering reminder that no matter how much we stash or plan or look after ourselves, we are not going to be here forever to complete all of our projects.

Carol’s blog particularly depressed me. Will mine look like that when I go? Will all of ours?  It reminded me of Kitt and Marc.

I attempted as usual to cheer myself up with a touch of retail therapy, just a little, by picking up a couple of Debbie Draper designs.  I tried to buy A Dog’s Life to match A Cat’s Life that I blogged about earlier this week. Other people must have had the same idea, as I received an email from the shop to say she has run out of stock and cannot obtain any further charts.  So it may be that Debbie’s family have decided to close down Debbie Draper Designs.

In other stashing news I did finally order the Splendor threads required for Carol’s Begin It design.

Now for the actual stitching:

Turple First Third completed

It wasn’t planned, but when Turple got picked as the Project-a-Day, I sat down, put my evertite frame together for the first time and began stitching!  Progress pictures in the relevant WIP page.

After all of my excited planning and plotting of secret stitching, mum’s hours were severely shortened during and after the Easter break, so no secret stitching so far this month.

I did start Debbie’s A Cat’s Life.  This picture here represents around two hours work. No I didn’t have that massive an attack of the frogs 🙂  My nephews were interested in my stitching.  I’ll talk about that in the next post 🙂 WIP folder is here.

A Cat's Life - after two hours with my nephews

This week has been pretty difficult with higher levels of migraine pain and more people in the house (I can only seem to concentrate these days in complete solitude – maybe I need a writing/stitching gazebo in the middle of nowhere like Neil Gaimen).

Hopefully tomorrow while mum is away for eight hours I might get a crack at her secret project and then over the weekend I will continue Mouse’s SAL. That’s the plan. Tune in next week to see which direction the plans get derailed this time 🙂




The flower planted at Trub's gravesite is blooming


I had an image in my mind this morning of brains as crystal lattices wrought by the finest glass sculptors with “visible” electrical impulses moving across the surface as if to an unknown melody.  My brain lies below shattered into a hundred pieces with a few sparks occasionally arching from one piece to another.

Self-pity even in my dreams.

However the reality is, I do feel a little like I’m drowning at the moment. I am way behind on my emails and blog posts and I have not acknowledged the time and effort people have made in reaching out to me and I do offer my most abject apologies.

All I can offer in the way of an explanation is the truth. I find it very difficult to write a sentence to string words together coherently when there is noise around.  When there is silence, in the morning, as there is now, I can work.  When there is outdoor equipment, lawnmowers, road work, building construction, crop dusters, I find it a struggle.  When I hear voices such as a radio or another person in the house, I cannot work at all.  My concentration is completely shattered the second I hear a voice. i literally forget my entire stream of thought and cannot start it again until there is silence for a good ten minutes or more.  I have lost the ability to mentally block out noise.

For nearly a year now, people have been offering me noise-cancelling earphones and I’ve resisted because when tested, I’ve not found a set that blocks out the range of noise that flares the migraine (the higher-pitched noises such as chain saws, children shrieking etc) unless it completely blocks all noise.  Without mum here, I am completely on my own. To hear absolutely no noise at all – to be completely deaf, scares me. I want to hear *some* amount of noise even if it just a car turning in the drive or a knock at the door.

So I haven’t found a solution that works yet on the noise issue.  So I work on the blogs and I type on my email and communicate mainly now while mum is at work.  Oh sure I can dash off a quick glib remark or one-liner of encouragement, but anything where I have to ponder or think, or even really read and absorb has to wait. And those emails and posts are piling up.  Ah there starts the first whipper-snipper of the day. Wait while I go and close the doors and windows.  That’s the neighbour over the back who buys old equipment and fixes it himself.  I never knew petrol whipper snippers usually came with mufflers.

So anyway it is now April. My goals for 30 April:

  • Catch up on unread and responded to email from March and April
  • Finish tidy up on Project-a-Day Blog.

The Project-a-Day blog, like this one was migrated on 25 February and I still haven’t finished cleaning up the files that were moved over or responded to comments that have been made in the last month.  So each day I plan to work on the three months of that day.  So today being the second, I will tidy and check the files and respond to comments from the second of January, February and March so by the 30 April I should be all caught up there too and in May I can turn my attention to this blog.

Also I’ll be able to do this during the days and hours mum is at work, so I will treat that time as “work time” and concentrate on it and see how I go.  Some days will be better than others.  Today I am now finished until that whipper snipper is.

Time to whimper in a corner for a while.

Apologies to all,

I’m still here. After the adrenaline rush of last week and then the nephews visiting on the weekend and a great visit from an old friend on Monday then mowers and outdoor equipment from sunup to sundown for the last two days, the migraine is kicking my ass.

I’ve got two dozen blog posts in my head and a half-dozen half-written, stories about the nephews and Tiger and the overly generous Miss A and new stitching sites but I seem to run out of words. My brain just turns to white noise earlier and earlier in the day.

The project-a-day is still running through sheer bloody obstinacy over the last couple of days. I’m hoping this is just the usual kick that I get after a few stressful days and it should calm down by the weekend. but the neurological damage is still slowly worsening.

That’s the REAL reason I do project-a-day.  The neurological damage is affecting my language skills, my motor skills and my memory. By typing up these posts each day, I am forcing myself to use all of these three skills so I can gauge my progress (or decline).

I was doing good for a while there. Even someone else mentioned that my sentence structure and syntax was improving.  Mond you, those were flood days when mum was at working long hours. So no outside noise, and I had six hours to concentrate in isolation. That was an unusual circumstance.

Fingers crossed I’ll be back to my chatty self by the weekend.  I have so many things I want to burble about.  In the meantime I am stitching. That’s good news at least.

Sometime soon I’m going to be migrating this blog from WordPress to my Gothtigger site.  I just need a working brain and my technical support guy to have some free time (Hi Stephen!).

Thinking about moving is a great time to evaluate how things are going on the blog: is it working, where can I add some fun elements.  So I’ve been noodling around with some ideas and I really would like input.

A-Project-A-Day – separate blog?

I feel like we are building a little community around the A-Project-A-Day blog posts.  Should I hive these off into a separate blog? Have the two blogs running side by side. A-Project-A-Day simply gets all the Project blog posts in a nice clean place by themselves.  All other posts including meta ones like this one stay on my main blog. What do you think?  Yes?  No?  Advice?  Advice and thoughts eagerly sought please?

Building a community?

A few people have now commented here and on lists that they’d like to do something like A-Project-A-Day for themselves, but they are worried about the time committment of locking themselves into a schedule.  I do feel like we are building a community here so I would like to offer space here where other people can join in and add their Project posts on an ad hoc basis.  So you can join in if you want without time pressure. I figure I can offer this in two ways – guest blogging or a separate blog.

Guest bloggers?

For example if I made every second Saturday “Super Blogger Saturday” and that day’s post would be put up by someone other than me. Either you could email your content to me ahead of time and I can format and publish it on that day or I could make you an author on the site and you can put the post up yourself. This would be open to any of my friends – a way to post irregularly without any time hassles. This could widen the pool of charts being discussed on the Project, but could conversely be seen as a cop-out as the content wasn’t all coming from my stash anymore.  Again thoughts, ideas, comments, would *you* be interested in being a guest blogger?

A new communal Blog?

Yes potentially a third blog.  A copy of the Project-a-Day format but open for all friends to use as a communal Project-A-Day blog.  So you upload your Project posts when you want to; regularly or when the mood hits. If no-one posts, the blog lays quiet for a while, but it is still there for anyone who wants to have a go.

There would definitely need to be some rules such as no product/designer-bashing, designers don’t review their own charts etc but we could work on these if this comes about.  What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Or a spectacular failure?

So thoughts, ideas, would you be interested in taking an active part in this or are you happy just reading what I put out?  Is this ready to put out in polls or should I noodle it about some more? Talk to me please. I want opinions 🙂

As has become evident in A-Project-A-Day, many of the designers I have bought from are no longer in business or those particular charts are no longer fashionable.

I’ve noticed this year especially that Hoffmans no longer carries a designer’s complete backlist. For example, they carry some Black Swan, Dimples Designs, and Cross Eyed Kat, but not the charts that I have featured as my Projects.  When I first created my Lust Lists a few years ago, I used Hoffmans pages extensively because they seemed a one-stop-shop for a lot of designers. This is no longer the case 🙁

In my Project pages, I list an item as easily available if it is listed in the Hoffmans Pages or on the designer’s website.  If I cannot find the chart in either of these places, I list it as Out of Print (OOP).

Where possible, I link directly to the purchase page of large established Online Needlework Shops (ONS) such as 123 Stitch or ABC Stitch Therapy or Silver Needle or Nordic Needle.  Shops that I have purchased from, that I know.  I do not receive any kickbacks or any rewards from these stores. Frankly I don’t think any of these stores know my blog even exists.  I link to these stores because if you want to get trigger-happy and buy the chart, I know you’re in safe-ish hands and you’re not likely to send me a screaming email saying “I went to that link and got ripped off and it’s all your fault”.

So if you find the chart elsewhere – go for it. Do it!  Noodle around the web and find these charts at places that suit you and you feel comfortable buying them from.  If you find a better price, brilliant! If you find an OOP chart even better! Just use your trusted sources.

Always ask your LNS!  They may have contacts too or stock in the back room! A friend bought a long discontinued spool of Kreinik blending filament for me a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn’t buy it over the net, but her LNS obtained it for her!

Summary: I link to large ONS Because they are a safe option. If you find these charts at other places that you are happy to buy from, go for it! Do it!  Share them in the comments field!  Just don’t send me any shouty emails or comments if sales go bad please.

Final note: No this hasn’t happened yet. I’m being proactive 🙂

Question: Am I being justifiably cautious or too timid?  Should I link to more out-of-the-way place and add a “use at your own risk” clause?  I found one place that still says it has Clearstar designs in stock for example …

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