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As previously mentioned, as I first discussed the Mar Bek angels on this blog, I am offering them out first on this blog.

As with all WordPress photo albums, clicking on a photo will now bring all of them up in a “carousel” or Slideshow arrangement.  Click on the word Permalink under the photo you are interested in, and that photo will then be shown full-size.

You know the usual rules, leave a comment on which of these designs you would like. Please list in order of preference just in case!  Also let me know where you found this blog from. Unless you are a regular contributor, do not feel offended if I need a memory jogger – I do have a damaged brain at the moment.

I’ll make decisions one week from today 🙂

Well we made it all through January and a project was posted every single day. Once or twice they were posted at 10pm at night, but they made it in that 24 hour window.  Something that deep down I was not expecting 🙂 Let’s see if we get through February 🙂

Organising Bug:

I also discovered this month while posting these (and breaking my inventory and shopping list database) that this project is also helping me to:

  • correctly inventory my stash
  • physically organise my stash
  • prioritize my stitching queue
  • review my wips and kitted up items
  • declutter the items that I’ve grown apart from
  • refine my spending habits
  • rewrite my wish lists in order of my stitching queue

Post Office:

I’m a very slow on my posting out as I’ve been in too much ill-health to leave the house lately, but as a result of the Project-a-day, I have packaged up ready to go to the Post Office:

  • Generations: The Locket – to Theresa
  • Baroque Angel – to Anna
  • Two Mirabilia Queens – to Laura (promised how long ago?)
  • New York – to Chele (promised while I was stitching it)
  • a packet of Tim Tams  – to Tina (for finding a discontinued thread for Aurora Polaris)
  • a packet of Tim Tams – to Laura (for loads of blog comments on a day I needed cheering up

This is on top of the mailing that went out earlier in the month:

  • Hell’s Gatekeeper – to Barbara
  • Dear Santa – to Terry
  • Birthday floss club – to Michele (already arrived – yay!)
  • assorted RAKs that haven’t landed so I’m not mentioning

January Review of Decisions:

Gilt Star really isn’t going to rise high enough in my priority list to stitch. Even when typing up the listing on the day, I was in two minds whether to keep it or offer it out. I discussed the series of Celtic Gilt Pillows with mum that night.  I have other Landmark charts in my stash that I would rather stitch first.  The result is that one chart went into mum’s stash, one chart I dithered over and wanted to put back into my stash for a decision to be made next time it is randomly chosen, so it and the two others (including Gilt Star) have been wrapped as a present and will be sent as a RAK next time I go to the Post Office.

Puzzle. I’ve mulled over this one since I first posted it (and actually studied the chart directions and details for the first time). I agree with the commenters that this design will not achieve the illusion I thought it would. Couple that with the poor directions and my Swiss Cheese brain, and I wanted to throw this one back into stash and think on it next time it is randomly chosen. Again, if I’m thinking like that, then this chart is not for me.  As can be seen this month, I have more than enough charts that happily satisfy my stitching needs without agonising over a chart that maybe will or maybe wont do what I want, so I’m releasing this one.  Free to good home.  Visit the Puzzle page for the next week to comment if you love this chart.

Mar Bek charts.  Rather than waiting for these to come out one at a time, I’m going to go through all of my Mar Bek charts tonight with mum and put up a list tomorrow of all the items that no longer call to me. Not sure how many there will be, but as I first mentioned them on via this blog, I will offer the rest of them out to people via this blog. Check back tomorrow for details.


The Stitching Wish Lists are in a state of flux at the moment since I broke my inventory and shopping database and am slowly recreating them via the Project-a-Day.  The Wish Lists on the Multiply Blog are accurate.  Items are being removed as they are being added to the WishLists on this blog above or they are no longer needed.  New items are NOT being added to the Multiply pages.

As charts are being RAKed to me, or as they come up in the Project-A-Day, I am adding their details to my new improved database and to the Wish Lists in the drop down menus on this blog.  I hope by the end of the year, to be using these Wish Lists exclusively and to have closed down the Multiply Lists. As can be seen I’m a little behind at present ….

Late last week I was asked by a work colleague if I had any craft items I didn’t want.  Her mum is going to East Timor on Tuesday as a volunteer to help  Kirsty Gusmao with her Aloha Foundation.  I asked what type of craft items and was told that although these women had originally been concentrating on making and selling their traditional crafts, many want to now branch out and learn new skills.

So on Friday morning, I opened 13 sealed boxes (many of which have been sealed through many moves) and I gave away two packing boxes of materials – lots of old braid and ribbons and trimmings, and my entire bead collection from my SCA days, plus a pile of Aida I had lying around, around 100 skeins of Anchor I had won on eBay a while ago, some needles and full set of Cross Stitch Magic and the kits contained within.

Most of the cross stitch stuff was items I don’t use (except maybe the Anchor – but I was feeling generous and they can be replaced). However, the big AHA moment for me was the SCA stuff. I’d been lugging it around year after year. I didn’t even look in my bead carriers, I just threw them in the boxes without backward glance.  All the braids and trimmings were items I dislike or had bought for projects I had (once upon a time) planned to make for people who are no longer in my life.

I looked through every one of those 13 boxes and found things I didn’t know I had, and a heap of things I was happy to move on. Anything I hesitated over I kept and will go through again at a later date.

I feel so liberated and free from that stuff. I have had an occasional twinge about maybe I should have looked through the bead carriers, but you know – if there were things in there I needed, I would have found them by now, or I can find a replacement.

I felt such joy in sending these items on as:

  • I don’t need them, I don’t want them
  • They are going somewhere where they can do some good and be appreciated by the recipients
  • In a small way I’m helping others have a better life

And you can’t get better than that!

After a few months of migraine-induced depression and apathy I finally decided recently to get my act together.

  • I have created a budget that will see me debt free by end of October 2011.
  • I am controlling my eating habits rather than cravings controlling me
  • I am actively looking for ways to get fit that wont worsen the migraine
  • I’ve decided to de-clutter physically and electronically

Anything that gets the blood pumping makes the migraine explode. For days.  So does any music with a good beat, And sunlight,

I’m walking around the property for 30-40 mins whenever I’m home around dusk on the theory that something is better than nothing. If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know. This inability to do anything physical is frustrating the hell out of me.

I work best by setting myself small goals and measuring progress. Setting down a series of steps/milestones and then focusing on achieving them.  I have no idea how to do this over the next 12 months because the de-cluttering is such a massive undertaking,

So decided to start at my desk. A while ago Stephen and I set up Evernote to keep electronic clutter at bay; and turn paper clutter into electronic files. I finally get around to setting up the docking station so very kindly supplied for my new laptop and discover it don’t fit 🙂  My fault for not providing the model number to my kind benefactor (or attempting to use it before now).

Oh well I have found the installation/driver discs for all of my peripherals (printers, scanner, camera etc).  After four and half very frustrating hours, I discover none of them will work with a 64x machine running Windows 7.

After downloading driver updates, viewing microsoft help pages, Canon support pages and various forums I have discovered that although Canon are slowly updating the software for their older machines to run on Windows 7, they are not planning on updating them for use in a 64x machine.

So I have documents waiting to be scanned and photos of my stitching waiting to be downloaded and I have to show for 4.5 hours today is a mounting sense of frustration and a full-blown migraine,

And now its time to get dressed and head to work for the afternoon.

I wanted to send out a happy “progress is being made” post today, and pics of my stitching but instead all I feel is mounting sense of uselessness and frustration at myself.

Hi all,

OK I’m asking the same perennial question I ask every year or so 🙂

How do people organise their cross stitch stash collections?  I really would like a database that lists:

  • all the charts I have, including ones from magazines
  • each chart tagged (sampler, monochrome, fantasy etc)
  • lists of what floss is needed for each chart
  • list of what fabric is needed
  • all of this cross-referenced with my inventory of floss and fabric so I can produce reports of what I still need to purchase.

Each of my last three partners all offered to write me such a database, but nothing ever emerged 🙁  That happens with people who write code for a living offer to write code at home …

So is there something already out there?

I’ve looked at CrossMagic, Floss MInder and Stash Can. All of them are very outdated and do *not* do what I want ….

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