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OK less than three days in and my resolution is already being tested …..  At the end of this month, the following Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks charts will be removed from sale:










So if you want any of these designs, you have until the end of the month to order them.  Me, I want five, but I’m going to wait until next year and have the fun of hunting them down OOP or asking Alessandra if she can release them in digital form …

Denise House McIntyre is creating and selling these fabulous tote bags. Join her group and commission a bag from her if you love these these too ….

She has a variety of fabrics, or you can buy and send your own fabric for that very unique look!


Denise Tote Inside

Denise Tote Inside

Denise Tote Outside

Denise Tote Outside


Passione Ricamo - Medieval Enchantment

Passione Ricamo - Prosperity Fae









I was looking at the Passione Ricamo site for today’s Project-a-Day, an older Passione Ricamo design as it happens and I noticed that Laura has most of the charts for sale at over 50% off.

As she says in her blog:

Do you remember the flood inside of my showroom and warehouse in February?

Well, now, after the flowering of the walls and ceiling for the mold to dry slowly go, I have to completely vacate my show room and the warehouse, but I do not know when I can reuse them.

In all this, I’m bringing home all the pictures, and charts I can, unfortunately it is now absolutely clear to me that I must sell all  as a stock, with a very very low price, to evacuate … for obvious reasons: the studio with the store is as big as my house, 100 square meters, and it is obvious that I can not physically keep us all the goodies into my home……

She has a lot of restoration and building work to be done in her show room and warehouse that could take months, and in the meantime she has nowhere to store her stock, so sale time it is!

I don’t know if the premises were owned or leased, but I suspect Laura would appreciate a nice cash injection from a good sale too! The sale is on from now until 30 June 2012.

I’ve definitely got my eye on some charts (including her latest) if we have some money and the Aussie dollar has risen when we get back from the endocrinologist in early June.

Ink Circles - Phlox Box

We know how hard it is to get our hands on magazine titles sometimes, so I thought I’d spread the news here.  If you want the latest Ink Circles design, Phlox Box, grab a copy of the current issue, May 2012, of Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine.

I confess I’m also putting this here as a reminder, as these magazines take three months to reach news agents in Australia.

Also, Tracy of Ink Circles is running a contest on her FaceBook page and twitter this weekend.  If you follow her on social media, check it out for a chance to win a copy of the magazine.

If like me, you have more than enough charts already and it’s painful to getting hold of this magazine, never fret.  I believe the copyright on this design should revert back to Tracy in about a year (or two) and she should be able to sell it as a standard chart at that time.

Now I can really see that design done in hues of greens on black fabric with touches of colours here are there for the blossoms …

The Counted Wishes Festival.

15 – 21 March 2012.  Yep – starts in just a few hours.

From the website:

How many times have you wished to attend a Cross Stitch Festival from your desk or laptop, where you can order from Designers (with great Show Specials), enter to win Grand Prizes, and take home a Goodie-Bag just for coming?

The Counted Wishes Online Festival offers:

  • An exciting Cross Stitch “virtual” show for stitchers, held at this website
  • Many new releases, seen here for the first time
  • Easy shopping at your computer
  • Unique designs not readily found in other places
  • Direct contact with Designers to purchase
  • Show Specials
  • Grand Prizes
  • A Goodie Bag Page
  • Fun Games to play

While noodling around the Net I’ve just stumbled across a great French Designer: Stitching Hearts

So I thought I would pop a quick post out in case anyone else similarly didn’t know about this.  They appear to be specialise in selling pdf Heart designs.
So you get instant gratification. The site states that all charts have instructions in English as well as French. Also the designer provides free links to the alphabets used in the designs. The alphabets are there to personalise the designs, especially those that are commemorative, but you don’t need to buy a chart to access the alphabets.  They are there free now for anyone to use.

I like that the designer has a sense of whimsy. Not all of the heart designs are sickeningly sweet.  I’ve included a few of my favourite styles below.

If anyone buys from this site and stitches up the designs let me know what their service and the charts are like, please?

Couldn’t help myself. Registered with the site and bought Gingerbread Opulence and Yin & Yang (under $10AUS). The order went through without a hitch. Paid via payal and as soon as I returned to the site, the charts were available in the “My Account” tab to download.

It appears I can download these more than once if I break my computer in the next few days. So that’s a positive step.  Now my only hassle is that both charts use a combination of DMC and unusual French floss.  Off to investigate where to purchase the floss ….

Stitching Hearts

Gingerbread Opulence

Stitching Hearts

Yin & Yang

Stitching Hearts

Wedding Hearts

Looks like everyone is getting into the fairytale theme at the moment 🙂

I love this new design from Passione Ricamo.

Read more about it at her blog:


Medieval Enchantment by Passione Ricamo

Seeing as I lost all of my photo galleries in the blog move, I thought it time to start a new one.

Here are my picks from Nashville 2012 for those who didn’t see them come through via Social Media as I surfed 🙂

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.


Passione Ricamo® -Counted Cross Stitch Designs.

Just because I’m on a stash diet doesn’t mean I can’t point these out to other people, right? Right?

{fiddles with fingers}

{goes to hide wallet and eat chocolate}

Back later ….

Has anyone heard of or used Sunny Dyes Fabrics?

Their website says “At sunny*dyes, we hand paint each piece of fabric to order, using only nontoxic paints and natural materials. The fabric is laid out to “cure” for 24-48 hours, and is then pressed , heat set, and labeled. Our pictures are taken of the whole piece of fabric- hand painted fabric has a mottled look, and color combinations vary even within the same dye lot. Even though the fabrics are heat-set for colorfastness, dark or vibrant colors may not be fully colorfast.

So being hand-painted I’m not sure of the longevity of their colours or the colour-fastness if you need to wash you piece, but other fabrics I love are hand-painted too.

I love some of their fabrics.

Can’t you just see Mirabilia’s Stargazer on Carpe Noctem?


Stargazer by Mirabilia

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Carpe Noctem by Sunny*Dyes









Or for those who do up those cute snowmen designs, wouldn’t Very Snowy Night be just perfect.  I know some fairy projects that would work for Faerie’s Leafy Glade and I would love to see what designers would dream up for Vampire Moon

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Very Snowy Night by Sunny*Dyes

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Faerie's Leafy Glade by Sunny*Dyes

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Vampire Moon (Dark) by Sunny*Dyes














So anyone know of this company or used their fabrics or can tell me anything about them? Thoughts? opinions?

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