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We held the first annual Melbourne Stitchers  End-of-Year Get-together today.  Some couldn’t attend, but we had a fairly good turnout:

Melbourne Stitching Madness

Melbourne Stitching Madness


We all brought a plate – mine was the only non-chocolate plate.

Strawberries, Fresh Whipped Cream & a dusting of Cocoa

Strawberries, Fresh Whipped Cream & a dusting of Cocoa


And we held a fun inexpensive Lucky Dip.  I won a frog finger puppet and a skein of the new DMC Christmas floss!

Melbourne Stitching Get-together

Secret Santa


We had lots of fun and the January Get-together will be on Saturday, 11 January.  Any stitchers  in Melbourne on that day are welcome to join us !!!




Well the 2009/2010 changeover went very well for me 🙂

Christmas brought lots of presents and thanks to the mail strikes both international and domestic, the presents keep coming. All gifts listed in the Christmas 2009 folder.

On 28 December a few of us got together for a stitching day at Colours Down Under.  A few of the ladies let me take their pictures here.

At that same event, I finished the 2006 Incircles Christmas Ornament, bringing my stitching finishes total up to 10 for the year.  Double digits is fine by me 🙂 Especially as Vienna Ball took most of my emergy last year what with changing states, changing houses (twice) changing work (twice) etc etc.  My 2009 Finishes folder is here.

After a tiring long day at work and getting very close and personal with some helicopters collecting water for firefighting, I decided to spend New Year’s Eve at home. So New Years Day I got a lot of stitching done 🙂

My new starts in late December 2009 and 1 January 2010:

Since I have returned to work and the reality of finances etc etc the stitching has almost stopped.  I’ll have to move house shortly so all of these lovely new starts have been packed away except for Hannah Hummingbird which is on a deadline.

I’ll get back to the others when work slows down and the house move has been completed.

So how was everyone else’s change of year?

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