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Kay Jones is my internet mum 🙂 She’s on social media, cross stitch groups and has known me for years.  She’s never afraid to tell me to pull my head in when I’m being a doofus 🙂 🙂

As she knows I’m on a stash diet this year, Kay has bought me access to the Alessandra Adelaide Christmas Mystery Stitchalong (SAL) for my birthday.

The design is a Mystery ....

As it is a Mystery – here is the design teaser ….

Kay bought me option 2 for the mystery, which includes the chart, five ceramic ornaments, 1 ceramic button and four jingle bells.  All of the buttons and what not will be hand-crafted by Alessandra herself!

I am sooo excited! Thank you Kay mum!  Expect to see pictures here as I do floss tosses and choose fabric 🙂


Time for yet another overdue blog post. This time it is the March WIPocalypse check-in. All of the sub-headings are links to the various albums for more photos and information on each project.

Vervaco WIP – Moscow

New Years Day 2009 I started this kit.  I was well on my way to a quick finish (the combination of Holidays from work and Summer Cricket working its usual magic) and then the kit ran out of floss. It was a specialty LANA floss that, like Whisper, fuzzies up after you finish stitching with it. I have finally found the replacement thread, stitched it in and am now waiting for more thread to arrive.

Vervaco Kit Moscow

14 Feb 2014 – Vervaco Moscow


Stitchalong SAL – Any AAN design

I spent the last half of February stitching on this so there’s been some progress 🙂 Cuor di Fiocco (Snowflake Heart) is a great little project to stitch up while watching TV or when you are simply not feeling the best.

AAN - Alessandra Adelaide Cuor di Fiocco25 Feb 2014 – AAN Cuor di Fiocco

Brodeuse Bressane SAL – Fleur de Lys

I love Brodeuse Bressane designs and decided to stitch this quick 7 part, 7 week stitch-a-long Fleur de Lys stitchalong. I finished only two weeks late. So very happy, first SAL begun and completed this year.

Brodeuse Bressane Fleur de Lys

6 March 2014 – Brodeuse Bressane Fleur des Lys

Stitchalong SAL – Any Long Dog design

I started Kells Kritters a couple of years ago when I was gifted the chart.  However, I didn’t have all of the GAST threads and got a little discouraged as I had nowhere to go with the threads I had. So I joined The FB Stitchalong Long dog Samplers SAL (1 Feb 2014 – 31 Jan 2015) to get this one out and started on again.

Long Dog Samplers Kells Kritters

7 Mar 2014 – Long Dog Sampler Kell’s Kritters

Topic: Show us your favorite places to stitch.

I have two favourite places to stitch. One is here – my favourite comfy lounge chair, with lamp and footstool.  Facing the TV and in the perfect places for the heater and air-conditioner.  One of the benefits of living on your own is that you can have the perfect space.  The cats share my lap or choose from other spots 🙂

My stitching arrangement

My stitching arrangement

My other favourite stitching spot is the lounge at Julie’s place. Julie has a perfect stitching set up for herself and a guest stitcher – usually me 🙂

Woo Hoo Second WIPocalypse check-in and I’m on time – well I was on-time until the laptop froze taking my post with it. So here I am a day late with a replacement post.  All of the sub-headings are links to the various albums for more photos and information on each project.

Stitchalong SAL – Any AAN design

I’ve found the threads for my WIP of Cuor di Fiocco (Snowflake Heart).  I was using “Cranberry” by Gentle Arts Sampler Threads!  So in between other projects, I got a couple of good days in on this project!

AAN - Alessandra Adelaide Cuor di Fiocco

25 Jan 2014

Brodeuse Bressane SAL – Fleur de Lys

I love Brodeuse Bressane designs and decided when the Fleur de Lys SAL was announced late last year, that I would stitch this one on black.  After a number of floss tosses and false starts I finally got a good start on this one on the 25ct evenweave black.  Parts 1-4 complete. 12 Feb - Fleur de Lys

Jardin Prive SAL – Positive Thinking

This is a SAL put together by the girls of the Aussie Stitchers FB group.  We do one part every two months starting February 2014. Part one is complete.  I’ll get back to this in April 🙂

Jardin Prive Positive Thinking SAL

Part 1 Finished


AAN SAL – Halloween Town

Halloween Town is a Alessandra Adelaide Mystery SAL for 2014. One piece will be released each month starting February. Here is part one complete.

Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks (AAN) Halloween Town SAL

Part 1 Finished

Maggi Co’s Village WIP – Night is in the Air

Stitch-a-longs appear to be my kryptonite. I don’t know why I sign up to so many of them especially as I don’t complete *any* on time, but I just cannot resist …. especially Mystery SALs. This was a SAL in 2012 and I somehow stopped after part 3 of 5.  I think all the stars did me in.  Anyway, a few days of stitching and it is now finished!  With the exception of 4 beads.  They are supposed to be French knots, but blast it, I’m going to use beads. I need 4 Mill Hill 00347 Garnet beads to really finish this.

Maggi Co's Village Night is in the Air SAL

24 Jan 2014

Topic: How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

One at a time??  I don’t think I’ve ever stitched one at a time since I started back in the 1990s.  Strict rotations don’t work for me either as I tend to find them restrictive and I chafe and find them a chore and then I lose interest in my stitching altogether. So I tend to stitch on something while it interests me and then change to something else.  This year I am focusing on finishing some of my 50 o so WIPs that have come about because of the way I stitch 🙂 🙂  Of course as can be seen, I have also signed up to new SALs too – I never learn.  But hopefully I will stick with these and get them finished on time for a change.

First WIPocalypse check-in for the year and I’m already a few days late …. oh well.  Here goes:

Stitchalong SAL – Any AAN design

For this SAL I thought I would dig out my WIP of Cuor di Fiocco (Snowflake Heart).  Unfortunately, although I found my WIP, it was not in its project bag, so I have no idea what thread I am using to stitch it in.  Further investigation is required before I can get back to this piece.

Alessandra Adelaide AAN Cuor di Focco

Progress 16 Jan 2014

Brodeuse Bressane SAL – Fleur de Lys

I love Brodeuse Bressane designs and decided when the Fleur de Lys SAL was announced late last year, that I would stitch this one on black.  After a number of floss tosses and false starts I finally settled on a mix of ThreadworX threads with a touch of Gloriana here and there.  Well I only had 32ct black Belfast in my stash and I’m not happy with the garland of leaves,  I think the fabric is too small for such intricate lines to show clearly.  So I’m going to start this design again in a few weeks when some 25ct black fabric arrives – courtesy of Julie. I think she had enough of watching me struggle with this piece 🙂

Brodeuse Bressane Fleur de Lys


Maggi Co’s Village WIP – Catgirl & Catboy

This is a WIP from 2012. It was originally designed to go into the group house I was in at the time, but as usual the project outlasted the item it was being stitched for.  I still love the project and I have now finished it.  First finish of 2014.

Catgirl & Catboy by Jardin Prive from the artwork of Maggie Co's Village



Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Hi I’m Mel, formerly a librarian but now living on disability due to chronic migraine.  I do what I can, when I can and don;t stress about the rest.  I live with my two beautiful cats in Melbourne, Australia.

Instead of picking specific projects for this WIPocalyse, I plan simply to work on all of the SALs and whatever of my WIPs that interest me at the time. I have over 50 WIPs so if I can get 1 small one finished each month, I will call it a win!

Some of my WIPs are in the list to the left and the tab above. I will add other WIPs as I unearth them! Planning to shop my stash this year, so the WIPocalype is keeping on path.  How about everyone else?  How are you going so far this year?


OK less than three days in and my resolution is already being tested …..  At the end of this month, the following Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks charts will be removed from sale:










So if you want any of these designs, you have until the end of the month to order them.  Me, I want five, but I’m going to wait until next year and have the fun of hunting them down OOP or asking Alessandra if she can release them in digital form …

We held the first annual Melbourne Stitchers  End-of-Year Get-together today.  Some couldn’t attend, but we had a fairly good turnout:

Melbourne Stitching Madness

Melbourne Stitching Madness


We all brought a plate – mine was the only non-chocolate plate.

Strawberries, Fresh Whipped Cream & a dusting of Cocoa

Strawberries, Fresh Whipped Cream & a dusting of Cocoa


And we held a fun inexpensive Lucky Dip.  I won a frog finger puppet and a skein of the new DMC Christmas floss!

Melbourne Stitching Get-together

Secret Santa


We had lots of fun and the January Get-together will be on Saturday, 11 January.  Any stitchers  in Melbourne on that day are welcome to join us !!!


Denise House McIntyre is creating and selling these fabulous tote bags. Join her group and commission a bag from her if you love these these too ….

She has a variety of fabrics, or you can buy and send your own fabric for that very unique look!


Denise Tote Inside

Denise Tote Inside

Denise Tote Outside

Denise Tote Outside


Oh what a wonderful wonderful stitchy week! Two finishes and so many presents! Earlier this week Deborah Sharp, oh I mean “Eeyore”, RAKed me with a wonderful spiderweb chart from Bev Lovethythread.

Along Came a Spider Love Thy Thread

Deborah Sharp

Today I received a package in the mail from Deb Koch of Stitches N Things. A while ago I won a the AuryTM chart from the Norden Crafts Ltd. giveaway and asked them to send it to Stitches n Things for me. I added a couple of other charts to the order (so Deb would not be paying international mailing costs for nothing) and waited. Unfortunately FB did a fairly standard muckaround and Katy from Norden’s didn’t get my message of where to send my free chart. So I missed out. I didn’t realize and rectify in time – totally my fault. So I told Deb at Stitches n Things to send on my order of the couple of charts anyway.

Today, this parcel arrived in the mail !!!! Deb gave me the AuryTM chart for free !!!! I am utterly gobsmacked !!! Thank you thank you thank you Deb !!!! Thank you thank you !!

Stitches n Things

Deb Koch

And finally, I just came in from opening the mail and found I had won another chart from Nordens! Mariposa from Threedles!! I’m definitely getting this one sent to Stitches N Things – Deb is getting a lot of my (admittedly small) business from now on just because she is such a wonderful person !!!!

Tracy from Ink Circles has created a new stitchalong. A maṇḍala with nine premade colour options and instructions & assistance for you to make your own colour variation. All the information to join the SAL and the yahoo support group is on the Ink Circles website.

RYO2013 Nine Official Colour Combos

RYO2013 Nine Official Colour Combos

The SAL has been live for around a day and a half and already there are already over a dozen more versions available through the yahoogroup. I’ve decided to stitch this design twice.  A bright jewel tone effect on black with silver outlining (dreamt up by me – similar in concept to my BoINK) and an elegant version of all greens on white, dreamt up by Tracy. Below are my starts and floss tosses for both versions:

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones




On a happier note, my stitching bug seems to have returned in the new place.  So far in 2013 I have finished:

Finished, not ironed.

My Big Toe – Cheaper than Therapy



Imaginating – Meowry Christmice



Cross Eyed Kat – Angle of Love

As well as finishing all of these wonderful WIPs (chosen by you – the readers on that side of the computer) I have also started two pieces.

This is to be my travelling piece for when I visit JulieD for a Stitching afternoon.

Mystery start

Mystery start

Any ideas which project it is?

Finally, I have started a new SAL: 2013 Woodland Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

This is NOT my usual style of project.  This company promotes themselves as “seriously cute patterns”. However for the first time in years, a pattern and a company has caught Claire’s imagination and she is wanting to stitch again, so I said I would stitch along with her.

This is a monthly mystery sampler and as my last cross stitch purchase before moving, I bought the kit for this piece.  Unfortunately the kit was popular and back ordered so it only arrived this week.

I immediately threw out the fabric (I have a problem with beige) and substituted a light blue.  Mr I Ain’t Dead Yet was here at the time and agreed that the colours looked better on the blue. At this point I’ve just started the little box borders …..

12 Feb 2013

12 Feb 2013

The SAL can be bought here if you are interested in joining us.  We have been teasing Rosanne mercilessly who is convinced she doesn’t need another WIP.  What does need have to do with it I ask you?

In other stitching news, I’ve removed Turple from the list of WIPs.  I’ve had some inspiration of how I want to stitch that one and it involves unstitching and restitching the work I’ve started.

The March Poll looks interesting Cirque des Cercles and Dragon Feathers Afghan are tied in the lead.  Both meaty projects that wont be finished within a month!

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to.  Hmmmm ….. 6:30 pm – so much for cleaning the house today …..

Time for dinner.


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