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Another Thursday another update.

We’re still a plague house here. it’s official that we have influenza. Mum’s been off work for over two weeks now. The weather has been appropriately grey and drizzly all week so there’s been a lot of time spent rugged up on the lounges between myself, mum and Tiger. The three of us have watched Murdoch Mysteries Seasons Two and Three and the second half of Season One of Alcatraz.

It also took nearly 48 hours to download the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Beta on the weekend, but it has been worthwhile in keeping mum occupied during the week 🙂  I’ll put up my thoughts on the Beta in a little while.

While the Net connection was occupied for the weekend, mum actually pulled out her stitching too.  She rifled through her stash until found her chart of the same project I was stitching Debbie Draper’s A Cat’s Life.  Mum’s chart pack was missing the floss, obviously having been removed for another project at some time in the past.  Mum, as is her usual wont, picked a fabric and a bag of floss and simply started stitching.  Not for her the agonies of finding the perfect fabric and floss combo.

Mum's Project

In this case mum selected 10ct “Starlight” Tula and her bag of assorted Anchor Variegated floss.  All of this stitching occurred on and off over the weekend.

Here’s progress on my own version this week. Mine is stitched on the recommended Lakeside Linen “Attic Lace” 32ct linen with Carrie’s Creations “Antique Slate” cotton floss.

26 Apr Progress

Hopefully the Plague will finally leave the house this week …


Well I went a bit AWOL on the weekend.  Mum has the flu and the winter weather has hit, we have the fire on most days and not much is happening while we wait for the specialist visit in June.  “Good stitching weekend”I thought and then Friday night as I was going to bed I received an email:

You’re Invited: Diablo III Beta Test
Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the Diablo III beta test.As a beta test participant, you’ll have the chance to check out all five hero classes — barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, and demon hunter. You’ll fight your way through part of Act I and go head-to-skull against the Skeleton King, taking him on alone or cooperatively with other adventurers. You’ll also get to meet up with some of the artisans, followers, and other key characters from Sanctuary, and try out the game’s skill and crafting systems.

Brilliant! I’ve never played Diablo before but somehow signed up for this as part of a World of Warcraft Annual Pass. Yes the real Diablo players can hate my guts now.

So I downloaded the beta site (took all night because I am rural and we pay through the nose for 128k downloads) and had a play with it over the weekend. As Warcraft is my only other MMORG experience, a lot my comments will be comparing the two.

Now on the forums, the hardcore Diablo players say that you can run through the Beta content in 45 minutes.  As a brand new player to the whole Diablo concept I spent a very enjoyable 5-6 hours playing the game.

Game Mechanisms

It has one view, you can’t pan the camera around. I didn’t realise how much I changed my viewpoint in Warcraft, until I couldn’t in Diablo. It felt strange, not being able to turn the room around to see what was behind the wall.  Made me feel like I was back in a 1980s computer game like Ultima or Bard’s Tale.

When fighting, you hold down left or right mouse button for primary or secondary attack skills.  Rather than a whole panoply of shots or punches you have in Warcraft, your character has only the two options here, left or right. In fact the whole game is very mouse-driven. To move, you select a spot on the road and click the left mouse button for your character to run to that spot.  So run, left click. Shoot, left hold click. So for a long while I was shooting instead of moving and vice versa.  I personally dislike this kind of interface; especially when I’m using a laptop with a trackpad.

Game Play

You start in the middle of a road.  Having no idea who you are or where you are, you follow the road. It takes you to a small encampment. You speak to a person. He gives you a task. The entire game is now scripted. You complete the task. The next task presents on the side of your screen. As you complete your task the next one pops up until you complete your quest. The game does not advance until you complete that task. While completing these tasks, you learn how to fight and loot (money, weapons and books).

In Warcraft if you are given a task, you have so many helpful hints, pointers and addons, that location quests are quite boring.  In Diablo III, if your task is to find the graveyard, you must pick your own direction, travel out of town and explore, try to stay alive, and find the bloody graveyard yourself. Again, if you know the system I presume you know the locations and this would help a serious player get through the content faster, but I liked this combination of puzzle, exploration, and danger all on your own.

Social Interaction

And it is all on your own. I have yet to meet another player in Diablo III. The game starts in Private mode. Everything I mentioned above is just you against the game. After the totally immersive and social Warcraft, this single player mode in Diablo felt very strange. It didn’t feel like an MMORG. it felt just like an old adventure game I used to buy and put on the PC to play.

So I worked through all of the Beta content on my own. Took around 4 or 5 hours and my character was at Level 9 and I had left was to kill the final Boss. I can’t do it.  So I either spend a lot of time at the lower levels looting and crafting gear to increase my level  (I spent another couple of hours on this) or I can open the game to public and get a group of strangers who are at the same level and we can kill the boss together.

The only problem, is that if you open your game to be a public game, anyone can join, and then you cannot close it again. I don’t really understand how the public versus private games work, so I’m hoping a more experienced player can comment.

Payment Scheme

Diablo III is a single pay game. You just buy the game and you get all the online content free for as long as you want to use it. There are no monthly on-going subscription costs. I presume this is due to two reasons: 1. It is a simple game, 2. the real currency auction house.

1. It is a simple game. World of Warcraft is an immersive world. It has so much content that an experienced player can run the same content a myriad of times with a myriad of different characters and never get bored, or could even spend an evening fishing or digging for archaeology or choosing to group with friends or solo do one of thousands of quest lines or spend a weekend in the PVP arenas etc.  Diablo III simply does not appear to have this richness of environment. Granted the Beta in only the beginning levels, but it is so scripted and so directed, that when you finally get to the end game, many will leave and find something else to play until an expansion or Diablo 4 comes out.

2. Blizzard are introducing a Real Currency Auction House in Diablo III, this means that if you are lucky to loot a very rare item, or you work hard to gather materials and gold to craft a very rare item, you can put it up for auction in the RCAH and players will offer real money for that item.  Each player will be allowed a small number of free auctions per week, but if you want to place more, than Blizzard charges a fee.  This I think is how they plan to fund the ongoing costs of the game.

I will use the in-game Auction House which uses in-game gold – gold created or looted in-game but not the Real Currency Auction House.  These are games, not places for me to spend real money – I have enough hobbies that do that already!

 So in summary:

Movement and attack via the same mouse button sucks!  I don’t understand the private vs public games so I can’t comment.  I thoroughly enjoyed the quests, the ambiance and atmosphere. I loved the conversations my companion initiated. I will keep playing this on a casual level, especially when the crowds on Warcraft drive me nuts.

So if anyone else is in the beta, or if anyone gets the game when it is released live on 15 May 2012 (or anytime thereafter) and wants to group to quest or kill bosses, feel free to friend me. Email, twitter, Facebook or whatever me for my Battletag.

If anyone more experienced want to correct any misunderstandings, assumptions or just plain educate me on any aspect of Diablo, please do so in the comments! I do not claim to be anything but an enthusiastic beginner having a first look at this game.


Well the blog move has happened. As part of that, I lost I think *all* of my photo galleries and all of my links.  I’ve replaced the links as an RSS feed – so when you guys update your blogs, it will show on the right column over here.  I’m thinking of splitting the RSS feed even more into Designers, Friends, and Stitchers I follow.  That way I can see *your* posts faster!  I just haven’t gotten there yet.  I’m also not happy with the theme. So still more changes. And ALL of the galleries still need to be re-created! Oh Boy! And all of the links to the Project a Day posts to change and and and …

I have been doing a fair bit of work of the Project-a-Day blog but there too, more work needs to be done.  It’s still in better shape than this blog  If you have any comments, advice, thoughts, ideas, feedback on the new look for Project-a-Day I’d like to hear it 🙂

I’ve been stitching on the Joan Elliot SAL.  I’m only a third of the way through Part 2 and Part 3 comes out in a few hours. I’ve also been spending my nights helping mum with her Warcraft dungeon runs so for someone who has “nothing to do and all day to do it” I feel like I’m so far behind in everything! Oh for a working brain – I feel like I’m working in molasses most of the time.

Oh speaking of Warcraft do you remember this post on my friend who went missing?  Well I have more of the story now. E did have a bust-up with the Guild. And it appears she may have just name-changed her characters rather than deleted them. In the last couple of days, I’ve found all her alt characters listed back on our realm but in different guilds.  Her main character has not been found so she main have deleted that character or left it with the name change. I’m waiting for one of those characters to come online so I can talk to her.  The good news is she is still out there and it was a bust up not further ill-health.

Speaking of health, I didn’t write-up about my visit to the gynaecologist on the 14th did I?  Why do important things skip my mind?  The gynaecologist said that I was a unique case and totally out of her area of expertise. After listening to my theory on why I thought my migraines were hormonally influenced she said the exert in the field was Roger Hart, a Women’s Health Endocrinologist working in Perth! I almost smashed my head into the wall at that point. Why didn’t the GP, neurologist, neurosurgeon and endocrinologist I saw in Perth recommend him while I was still living there?

Anyway. The gynaecologist spoke to Roger, Roger spoke to my GP and my neurologist and a number of conference calls later the gynaecologist calls me back to inform me that Roger has spoken to a couple of his colleagues in Sydney and Melbourne about taking on my case. Their credentials and copy of a recent study on women, hormones and migraine are being sent to my GP.  My GP will ring me and discuss and recommend which of Roger’s colleagues I am to see.

The first part, the conference calls etc was done in a flurry in the first 24-48 hours but then the paperwork has stalled. I’ve rung the gynaecologists office a number of times but the paperwork just hasn’t made it out to my GP yet.

Today is a dreary, rainy day. Just perfect for stitching.

If anyone has been considering joining us nuts in playing World of Warcraft Online, the game is currently on sale.

$5 for Warcraft
$5 for Burning Crusade expansion pack
$10 for Lich King expansion pack

For those with existing accounts, Stephen and I have set up a guild called “War of the Worgs” where all guild members will be running new Worg characters (available in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion).

If anyone is interested we will be starting and progressing the characters as a group on the Proudmoore server.  Let me know if you are interested.  This is not a hardcore group – just a bit of fun and games and stress relief. Contact me if you are interested.

Edited to add: Guild is Alliance only.  Guild portal (for joining us) is here

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