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I’ve received a couple of Christmas cards reminding me that I haven’t posted on this blog in six months (and of course not everyone is on Facebook) so I’d better do a catch up so you can all see that I am still alive.  Hi, I’m alive !!!

I feel I haven’t really accomplished much this year but I forget that my life has to be measured in baby steps these days.

Wyndham Vale

Wyndham Vale

I’ve been in my wonderful Casa del Triffid for 12 months now. I have steady gardeners visiting once a month to keep the yards mowed, clean, weed-free and the trees and shrubs pruned when necessary.  A Christmas present from Ian & Julie is a lovely herb bed that the gardeners will be putting in the back for me next Monday.

I have been responsible for my own shopping, cooking and tidying for around six months (I relied on Lite & Easy pre-prepared food packs for the first six months).  Although I don’t feel very successful in this area – I had unrealistic expectations of creating healthy nutritional meals three times a day and having a company-ready house daily – I think I’m doing OK.

Project 42 (exercise + diet + mindset = healthier Me) has had a few setbacks but I’ve finally found that the ONLY exercise that wont upset Bruce the migraine is walking.  So I’ve been walking … strolling … NOT power walking.  A walk to the shops and back is 10kms and takes about 2 hours.  It also burns over 1000 calories.  I’m happy with this.  I try to do this once a week depending on weather and migraine. Also I’ve increased the number of times I get up or walk about for a break while doing things, just to keep the metabolism moving.  Its all about the little things.

In late-November I saw a new neurologist, she is US-trained and in her 40s.  Unlike all of the other neurologists I’ve seen who are Australian/UK trained (completely different ideologies) and male and in their 70s.  She’s changing my meds around and currently has me on a strong anti-inflammatory to see if that will help.  She is taking me off the Topomax which she believes is causing more  neurological side-effects than the migraine.  So I’m currently in Week 4 of a 5-week med swap.  At this point I’m in more pain and have less energy, but I am sleeping more than I was. We will see when I’m through the transition.

Abby and Little Miss are working out well together.  Little Miss has become a fuzzy slug.  A slothful, laid-back cat who is more than happy to let Abby be the alpha. Miss is my lap cat, sleeps on me in bed, and is becoming my stitching cat (she is good when I stitch but she still thinks that whole DMC skeins are the BEST cat toys ever!).  Abby is happy to accept this furry addition to the furniture and the attendant second food bowl, multiple spawning water bowls and extra litter bowl.  Otherwise Abby just continues as the familiar but independent soul.

There was some stitching done during the year, much drooling over new designs and discovering of new designers.  Also I joined an Australian Stitchers Facebook group who coincidentally started up a monthly get-together during 2013.  I’ve met a great group of stitchers and we will continue these get-togthers into the next year.  Anyone who is in the Melbourne area on the dates in question are welcome to come along!

In the next little while, I will copy over some of my previous Facebook updates and photos of my stitching, the cats and anything that could be of interest.

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, and Blessed Be to you all !!!!



  1. Hey, Miss Mel!

    It is great to hear from you. I should look you up on Facebook. I am glad to hear that life is a big more bearable, except for the med swap, and that the cats are getting along well. I hope the next year is as positive as this one seems to have been. I am also very happy to hear of the doc change. I hope for more success with her than the previous ones you’ve had.

    Keep in touch and Merry Christmas!!!

    Lots of Hugs!!!


    • Mel
    • Posted 1 January 2014 at 15:22
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    Hey nice to hear from you too Lana! Hope life is treating you well!!! Many many hugs my friend!

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