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Ink Circles Aventail

Aventail (again)

Aventail by Incircles.

Stitched on 28ct Natural Lugano using the recommended Dinky Dyes floss “Freo”.

This is stitched using identical materials as the first Aventail, but I have cut the floss to suit my purposes. I like to show the two versions side by side, to show how a design can be played with 🙂


  1. This naturally looks more “orderly” – but I do like the first version, simply for its randomness from the thread 🙂

    Well done on both of them, sweetie!

  2. Mel came to the shop tonight. The 2 versions are lovely but I think I am in love with Aventail two. She also bought all her other finishes along for another show and tell and I can tell you that the fair I am attending the end of July will have some wonderful new models. I love seeing Mel’s stitching.

  3. Congrats on both your finishes,but I liked the 2nd one better.

  4. Not sure which I prefer, they both look nice. I guess that’s one reason I don’t “play” much with my patterns.

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