The newest member of the family. Joined us on 6 June 2009 at approx 7 weeks of age.

25 thoughts on “Abby

  1. She is so cute. I am so looking forward to the story on how you come to have another member of the house. I love her name BTW.

  2. I see a sharp decline in Trubs’ nap times once Abby gets a few months older 🙂 Being pounced on while sleeping in the sun is a rude awakening for anyone 🙂

  3. Its been three days and things are settling down. Trubs has claimed the bedroom as her domain and the kitten is staying out of that room so we’re letting the two of them make that decision. The kitten seems happy to curl up in her basket in the games room each night and doesn’t stir until we appear in the morning.

    Trubs is still grumbly and hates being picked up when we have Abby scent all over us. Mr S has many many bleeding scratches on his arms 🙁

    Trubs has also conceded the games room to Abby, other than that Trubs avoids Abby and Abby wants to play with Trubs. Trubs will slink off rather than attack (except for Mr S) so this is all good.

  4. She is about 7 weeks. I used to live in a breeding cattery and handled kittens from birth. Her co-ordination will really kick in in the next 3 weeks and then she will be a small tortie lunatic. Trubs is giving the signs of being OK with it but she needs to be left to it by both of you. The best news is that WW3 has not erupted so they can and will settle.

  5. Well, wait until you guys see the big dumb dog we have added to our mix… Nothing like the sound of two hounds going at it at 6:35 a.m. to make you get your ass to work! Maybe pictures tonight…. Cats are so quiet, even when they race and crash and knock stuff over… 🙂

  6. She’s very cute, mostly white for a calico! We also had a new addition to our family on June 6, but it was of the human kind! LOL

  7. She’s definitely adorable! And I’m glad that there are signs that Trubs is going to be ok with her. Give Trubs an extra skritch for me!

  8. Trubs is definitely getting extra skritches from everyone here. I have a couple of new photos of her which I will upload into her album later today.

  9. And the begging begins… This is how Booger got started with the tapping-on-my-shoulder routine we used to go through every dinner….

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